21.1 Joystick Support

Earlier this year, I purchased a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro joystick for Infinite Flight. In the past it worked well when I used it with LiveFlight Connect on my MacBook Air. But the thing that sucks is that there is currently not any support for joysticks in 21.1, or at least in the beta version. I remember hearing someone say that somebody just has to set up joystick controls again, but I do not know many details.

If anyone has any information about when we might be able to expect joystick support, or any updates, please reply. And great job to the devs on 21.1! Joystick support would only make it even better!

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There were some issues with iOS 14.5 and the Connect API, but these have been fixed in the official release of 21.1 :)

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Thank you!

so the connect API is now working for 21.1?

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Joystick bought
iPad M1 bought
And API doesn’t works =(
Any updates?

What specific problems are you having? It seems to work for me?

here Map Connect - Use your Joystick and Keyboard to fly! - #378 by Noodle_Duck

I use a Logitech 3D pro with LiveFlight and it works fine, but I’m not sure about your joystick. Maybe @Cameron could help?

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Do you use LiveFlight connect?

hm. no
Going google it

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Alright, good luck. If any devs see this, we could use your help. Thanks!

yeah same here, i bought the logitech 3d pro and it worked for a week but after an auto update it doesnt work anymore. i hope someone fixes this problem for us. i personally have not renewed my subscriptions because of this problem so im contemplating switching to Xplane!


Same problem with me

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