21.1 Is out and awesome

Wassup IFC, so I am usually inactive to infinite flight and I just about 21.1 releasing and boy is it cool, but I just have 3 questions

My first question: What are the 3D airports and is there a page to find the 3D airports?
My last question: what else came out with 21.1 and what is project metal bringing for 21.2

Thanks guys, and Bombardier is better than Boeing


More information on the 3D Buildings can be found here:

PS- The this is better than that topics/conversations don’t usually end well. Here on IFC, we embrace more of a wholistic approach and respect each manufacturer and respect each other’s preferences. Glad to see you are enjoying 21.1!

Hey Lucas!

Glad so see you’re enjoying it. The blog post that @Levet shared is a great source that will answer your first question. To add onto this, as you may have seen, 3D airports in app now feature a “3D” tag associated with the 4 letter ICAO identifier. ex. KLAX 3D These will be shown on the active airport list as well as within both your mini and large navigation maps.

Answer to the second question will point you back towards the blog post that was shared. In regards to what Project Metal will be bringing for 21.2, nothing has been announced to this regard.

I beg to differ. Now I will say this, Embraer is better than Bombardier. 😎😜