21.1 Fan-made trailer

I mean I tried…

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Amazing job man, that was one hell of a trailer😍😍

I loved the warbird part!

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Very good trailer buddy!

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0:36 very good job at buttering the landing

Wow! Amazing

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Totally didn’t take me 10.000 attempts

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And of course
You included the TAM TAW 777

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It’s every new livery lol

should’ve used our replay of us messing around at SFO

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Me who deletes every replay bc storage issues

I’ll applaud the fact that you tried, even more so given the fact anyone who makes a trailer is automatically gonna be overshadowed by nikitikinikitikinikitin.



You did better than I could’ve done, that’s for sure! Don’t compare yourself to Alex because he’s a nutcase when it comes to this stuff.

Really nice job! I always can appreciate the dedication and level of effort people put into these

I would say two things to be improved:

  • Watermark
  • Some moments were fps seems to deteriorate

Eh not really willing to pay a sub to remove it lol

Cough cough A340 those buildings are prob quite performace consuming…

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Yeah, and the A340 already doesn’t exactly have the best quality hahah!

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Also why I’m calling it quits for my trailer, “60fps or Nothing!” and… I top out at like 45.