21.1 Easter eggs

With the new airport buildings, I just wanted to know if there are any easter eggs. If you know of any put them in the coments.


I’ll turn this question back to you… Do you know of any 21.1 Easter Eggs?

Take a look at all of the 21.1 3D airports. You’re bound to find some pretty cool stuff 😉


What do you mean by “Easter eggs”

Also there’s a typo in the title

I mean is there any extra little things hiding that is kind of cool.

Do you know about the In-n-out by KLAX?


Oh! As @Balloonchaser said I’m sure you’ll find many ‘Easter eggs’

I will have to check that out.

Im pretty sure it by runway 24R

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I’ll give you one, there’s a Concorde at LFPG… 👀


huh what where lol

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Really! Where? 😲

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It seems it was removed in the final release. Here’s a picture of what it looked like in open beta:

@Saudia263 @Ayush_Mathur


There’s also a firefighting practice aircraft somewhere, I think.

Yeah they are at most of the airports but it is still a nice Easter egg.


Btw, good idea for this thread! It’s really great!

meanwhile DeerCrusher is accepting all bets in regards to how long it’ll take for someone to find something… 🙂


there’s these fake training aircraft at PHNL, KJFK and probably somewhere else as well. They’re these 747/tri-jet green things

I’d say no well at least for now because Aviation6 hasn’t found them yet. 😱😂

Still though the already known things like In-N-Out I guess you could call “Easter Eggs.”

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