21.1 building hangers?

Hey all! So I was sitting down thinking about the new buildings😍 and I thought to myself will there be hangers or will it be just terminals and towers. So does anyone know the answer to that?

I thing as of now there will be only buildings & towers. Not sure about hangers but who knows what they have planned for us in the next update!
I am really excited as only few more hours until the YouTube Premiere is out & it better be good… 😂

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We should get hangers, as in the 2020 review, we saw them.


Physically there are hangers. Though it is not confirmed at this time whether doors to those hangers will be open, and have a place to spawn inside.

Follow the 21.1 tracking thread below. It highlights everything confirmed thus far. Plus, with the 21.1 premiere, we may see some features! (Or not - who knows.)


I can’t imagine they’d go to all the effort to make buildings and not make hangers. Especially since hangers are mostly rectangular so they wouldn’t be as hard as for example the ATC tower.

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Ok getting really hyped for this update it’s gonna be crazayyy!

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Cant wait for this update :)

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I’ve been wondering this myself.

The initial photos of SFO showed the superbay, and AFAIK you can currently spawn “inside” it.

Personally I think the easiest way would just be to model hangers with the doors open, and mirror the outside textures on the interior, but only time will tell.

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