21.1 Beta Testing Views

Hi Everyone
Excitement is in the air with the Beta Testing! Not much to say today, just views to show. Soo with that said… Lets… Take… -OFF!

Server – Casual and Solo
Route – None

A planespotter catching a TK 787-9

Air Zimbabwe A320 waiting for its turn-around at Johannesburg.

Aww look at this happy dude! (at FAOR with building count at high)

The new Dutchbird 757-200 at LFPG… some jetbridges didn’t show up but restarting the app fixed it.

SHIIINY new Aeromexico 757 from the terminal.

747-8f departing Sochi with gear tilt and wingflex!

Westjet 787-9 over-flying the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport.

ANA, Inspiration of JAPAN.

The new 10th year anniversary livery at Queenstown airport.

Wiiiiiinnng fleeex… oooooeeeeh

Hope you liked these beta pics! :)
Here is my Insta where you can see some other images I’m unable to share here at CrazyMinecart12

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I definitely recommend checking out my previous post, there are lots of nice pictures, thank you , please feel free to comment below what you thought about this flight or post.

Until next-time, See ya

THANK U Infinite Flight Team!!


That looks nothing like Infinite Flight. Awesome photos!


Btw, aeromexico looks wierd in some lightings

The happy face with the loading carts got me, whoever did that on development is awesome.


Did the physics of the 747 get changed as well? I remember it was a bit wonky when it was at cruising altitude.

Is this a new feature?
Nice pics!!

I hope you didn’t land there 😂😂

Sorry, its actually called the 3d object density setting, but yes it is a new feature

Im not sure if its too realistic but it definately feels better to me!

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Queenstown may be my favorite new 3D airport.

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