21.1 Android Support

Download AnTuTu Benchmark for Android free | Uptodown.com
this link can help you download the apk version of the app and u can check from there


i got it through apkmirror already but thanks

i know why it got removed


i would suggest using a VPN

To the people using the Antutu app, go into your app settings, select the Antutu app, click on permissions and deny access to the location

cpu-z can show it too btw

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It’s good to see this information being made public.
In reality, this will probably only affect about 1% of the android player base, as there have been no Android devices shipped in the last few years with a 32bit SOC.

For the sake of posterity, here are a few of the last devices that did ship with one that may be used by some people here:

Nexus 5X, 6, LG V10, Nokia 2, OnePlus X, Samsung S4 and S5, Xperia Z2 and Z3 and the first gen Moto G.

2015 is the approximate cut off period, after this 64bit was the standard across all devices.

In regards to Android 7 Nougat, if your device is still stuck on Marshmallow, you may be able to bring it up to date using an AOSP ROM such as LineageOS, Pixel Experience, Remix OS and many others. I won’t go into much detail as this will vary on a device by device basis.

I will also be updating the Device Compatibility Thread and removing any devices that no longer reach this specification, as well as linking this topic at the footnote for anyone that requires more information.

  • To add onto this, if you are unable to access any of the linked apps to check, you are welcome to shoot me a PM and I’ll assist the best I can.

I am calm in knowing that !!

I feel a little silly asking this, but what am I looking for within the linked Application?

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Will the lag be resolved in any hotfix? my phone ran the IF very well on the high graphs, but now even on the low graphs it is lagging


I don’t have android but try turning anti-Aliasing off. That literally solved the lag problem on my side. Before beta it worked fine. All of my graphics are on high still :)

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Depending on your device’s age and specifications, you may have to turn down some graphic settings in order to run the update smoothly. For most users, lagging isn’t a problem, but if you are using an older device (2015-2016, for instance), this may be required for better performance.

If you are running the open beta and need further support, feel free to ask in the open beta questions thread.

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As mentioned in the thread about Low Frame Rates, we are working on improving this. The beta is pre-release software and may be subject to performance issues, and you can leave the beta in the meantime (through the Google Play Store) if you want to return to the previous stable version :)


So, 21.1, is the first time I am using beta. So when the actual update comes out, do we have to uninstall the beta version and then reinstall the new updated one? or do we just have to update the app when the new update comes out? And we can stay on beta for as long as till the update comes out? Just wondering because this my first time using beta for IF

You’ll automatically get the standard release version when it comes out. You are automatically enrolled for future Open Betas though on Android


Did you guys reduce a little bit the quality of every Aircraft (the shine, details, textures etc) for example the live instruments screens quality, in order to improve performance to be able to add features like Buildings? I mean is that the compromise you had to make ?

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Got it thanks!

Let’s move all questions about Open Beta to the correct category, this thread is about Android devices which won’t be supported:



So , when the final version comes out you will have 2 versions for Android, 20.3 for older devices and 21.1 for newer ?
If so that’s a great idea 👍

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yeap that’s very true lol