21.1 and iPhone 12 Pro Max

The sim with its new update become extremely laggy then previous versions while graphics settings are set to minimum/medium with 30 fps. (no antialiasing)
I believe there’s a big problems with optimisation

I made 500nm flight ended up in EGGL with the phone hot as hell and drained battery health down to 98% (was 99%)

It’s going to kill my battery soon


Don’t you find it weird that you should turn your graphic settings as low as possible on the top notch device that can handle the highest setting of for example call of duty mobile that has almost full range of graphics, sounds and multiplayer solutions.

Correct me if I’m wrong. Maybe I miss some difference between above mentioned apps?

I’m just wondering what’s going to be if devs fill all the airports around the globe with 3D objects and then add animations, lights, sound packs, etc.?

As for now I cannot see any performance difference in the sim between my previous iPhone X and now time 12 Pro


Just a quick question when you fly do you have Low power mode on for your iphone? Since having low power mode will make you lag quite a lot

It’s odd because v21.1 can run perfectly fine at max graphics on my iPhone 11.

Thanks for advise. I usually have “low power mode” on.

The things happening when you are on approach get instructions - descending, lowering speed, change course, in other words interact with atc it takes time and when you are on final you cannot even use a cockpit camera to look around because of lags

The same goes for departure. Takes 5-10 minutes and your fps drop to lowest

I would turn your device low power mode off but have Infinite Flight’s Low Power Mode setting (found under General in the IF settings) turned on. Thats what I do and have no issues.

See if that improves things.

Ah so thats the issue then haha! When doing flights I’d advise you to turn off low power mode then from your device and you’ll see the drastic difference it makes! You won’t lag and your flight will be smooth throughout the whole way :)

I’m having the exact same issue on the same phone! It is A problem I guess.

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I misunderstood. I have the iPhone system “low power mode” off

I meant I use Infinite Flight low power mode

What have you done so far? In terms of fixing the issue

I haven’t fixed it. It’s definitely question of an optimisation.

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I’ve just reinstalled the app. Spawned at non 3D airport, with medium graphics settings, with no antialiasing, at 60 fps.
3 minutes after my phone becomes hot and laggy.

Did the same with minimum of graphics at 60 fps - same result

I just tried on my iPhone 12 Pro (not Max)

Everything set to HIGH except object density which was set to LOW & 30fps.

Spawned in with the A350 on Solo @ KSFO.
Kept it running with case removed for about 15 minutes in Scenic Camera.

Certain angles gives me drops to 15-20fps, but those are few. It warms up a bit, but definitely not to a point where I’d call it hot. My routers are way warmer and all they do is shuffle around data.


Battery health drained down by another 1 percent and now is 97% after 600nm flight. (I never charge my phone during gaming)

Settings: 30 fps, battery saving mode while cruising

Please check your iPhone battery health

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Well luckily my battery health is still at 99% but even after keeping everything on low,fps-30,low power mode still the phone is getting very hot,I don’t know why,so I’ve stopped doing long haul flights on my iPhone I do them on my iPad which too has been getting quite hot for some reason!

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Wow, I just checked my battery condition and you’re right. I had 96% before 21.1, now it’s 91% 😧😳 I’m using 11 Pro

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Battery health does not decline in a linear fashion (ie. 99% in a week, 98% in two weeks, 97% in three weeks, etc). You’ve got nothing to worry about. Devices get hot, this is just the reality. It’s alarming, but I would expect it to stop once the battery “settles”.

Check the health if your phone’s charge doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to, and plan to replace the battery once the health is below 80% (which should be a very, very, very long time from now).

Also, check for the newest iOS as they usually sneak in battery fixes without telling us.

I don’t think so… My battery condition decreased by 6% in few days

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If it makes you feel better - mine went to 94% exactly 8 days after I bought it in November 2020, I checked it March 2021 and it’s been at 90% ever since. Weird, but I know the feeling.

Honestly I’ve stopped worrying. Batteries degrade even in the “fancy” models we buy.

Start worrying at 85%. That’s my plan ;)

Sometimes I don’t believe this percentage is accurate at all. I’ve had so many different Apple employees tell me batteries can be different by a few MaH, calibrated differently, etc… in the end they all either last long or die right away. It’s very clear to me that they absolutely hate this battery health gauge.