21.1 Air Europa B787-9 EGLL

Check out these photos that were taken as part of the 21.1 Beta at EGLL (Heathrow) it is the Air Europa B787-9. This livery looks amazing with the buildings, the update is going to be awesome!

Expert Server
Air Europa B787-900
Callsign: Air Europa 001VA

Thanks for looking at these photos! Hope you like them.



Great photos!

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Stunning shots Jack!

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Thank You:)!

Thank You;)!

Ah yes, the 787-900
No offence, but it’s actually the 787-9

Anyway great shots!


Yes I’m not sure why I put the B787-900πŸ˜‚

I know it’s B787-9 haha!


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That is one of the names for it you know.

Great photos Jack!

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Thanks You!

Great photos! Love the new textures and reflection. 😍

Thanks! It looks amazing right!

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Normal euro white livery, but the buildings in your shots make it look cool!

Thanks! I was referring to the whole buildings and aircraft looking good haha.