21.1 - A330 Question

If say your device was incompatible with 21.1 and hypothetically, say the A330 came in its own update, for a hypothetical example 21.2, does that mean devices that could not handle the buildings for 21.1 will not be able to work with the A330 rework or will the A330 just be updated within the current version said user has?

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As of now, yes you won’t be able because Infinite Flight has increased their device requirements for 21.1. Keep a close eye on any announcements close to the release of 21.2 (if we get the update in 2021) for more information.
Here is the thread that talks about the new device requirements and it explains why they made the change:

Do note that we don’t have any information about 21.2 so things are subject to change.

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Thank you, was just curious on how the update would affect non-building-gear-tilt-new-texture-and-graphic-stuff users ;)

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No problem, my pm is always open so if you have any further questions feel free to message me 🙂

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there’s a reason why the update will be called 21.2 and also why there was a poll for 2021 that the A330 won…

don’t take my word for this but i’m not sure if each update has the end of each year on it intentionally…

once again don’t take my word for it

That has not been confirmed yet, do you mind linking me to the source?

The Infinite Flight devs

If your device isn’t compatible with 21.1, you won’t be able to get the updated A330 I’m afraid. New aircraft require new features that are bundled in the app and we can’t provide this for an old version. Sorry if you are affected by this…

We have not confirmed the A330 will be in 21.2 at any point

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(I’ll pm you) never mind Cameron has confirmed that they didn’t say anything.

thanks for the reply! not affected by this just curious on the techy-type-stuff behind this :)


bruh moment forgot about that simple fact 😅

It’s best not to mention it then if you can’t remember properly :)
Any information coming from us will be on our social media or on our development timeline


thanks for the help everyone! this can be closed now :)

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