20x and 80x time lapse approach session at OBBI

1) Background to the photos
Approach session at OBBI on Expert.
Started out handling departures as the airport was slammed.
A bit later arrivals picked up the scent, and it got moderately busy handling arrivals and departures.
My strategy is to always give tower as much time as I can, so initially I was running inbounds with 10mi spacing. I could see a wave coming, so spacing Was decreased to about 5mi for a while. As soon as arrivals started to decline, I went back to 10mi spacing.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
16 Mar 2020 2111Z

3) Photos
Sped up 20 times…

Sped up 80 times…


Cool! I love ATC videos like this! Awesome to see what goes on behind our flights.