20th purchase, what to buy?

So I am one purchase away from 20 purchases and the BBJ. I just wanted to know what I should get as my 20th purchase. I have bought the A330s, A340, 738, 757. 767, 772, 77F, 77W, 788, 789, E-Jets, the New York region, and the military aircraft. Thanks for your responses!

EDIT: I won’t be getting Live or Live+ so please don’t suggest it.

  • Airbus A318
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320
  • Boeing 747-8
  • Boeing 777-200LR
  • Boeing 787-10
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Region (Please specify in comments)

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I highly suggest the A320 or Live+


I would go with the A320, a lot of amazing liveries and MUCH easier to fly than the 78J

I won’t be getting live or live plus, and besides, I rarely play during the school year, so it’d just be a waste.

Either 787-10 (great aircraft) or A319 (also great aircraft)

But, if I were you, I would get Live+.

What about the CCX or 748?

It seems that the 77L is winning. Is it still worth getting it if I have all the other 777s and the two smaller 787s?

Definitely just buy live+ and be done with it.


What do you think of the A320 and A318 compared to the A319?

How about Live+?

I don’t know if my edit worked, but I’m not getting Live+.

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A320 is okay. If I had a multiple choice option, I would include the A320. The A320 has 22 liveries, while the A319 has 23. The A318 has 14 liveries, with 7 commercial.

I think I can only get one because I’m pretty sure my dad would yell at me for asking for another purchase, since I only got the 787-8 and 9 recently.

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@PlanesForLife has he not mentioned countless times already that he won’t get Live+?


I agree but @triplesevenx has made it clear he can’t get it, if he will probably get yelled at for wanting two planes then I doubt he could spend the equivalent of 6 planes

Sorry, I did not see those posts. :(

Um no I’m not getting live or live+ because I only get on once in a while to practice and it would be a waste because I don’t play much during the school year. I’m practicing so someday I can play on live. I’m buying either a smaller aircraft to practice and land at smaller airports or a larger long haul jet.

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Thanks. I wasn’t sure if my edit got through.

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Now the A320 and A319 are almost the same but just has different liveries for each one. also the a319 has one less row of seats. The 787-10 is a very well aircraft but if you have the -8 or -9 you really don’t need the -10. That same goes with the 747-8 and the 772LR. Now the Citation is a very well aircraft for long and short flights and can land on short runways. And the best for pattern and T&Gs. but for a region Hawaii is the best for me as an opinion.


Thanks for the thorough input. I’m just looking for something to practice on and use for my first flights on live. Since most class E airports are small, I want something that can fit but is up to date.

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