20th Anniversary Dragonair Livery A330

This is another livery that I believe should be added to, it’s a special but still cool! Especially as all of the dragon airs are being rebranded as Cathy dragon (I may be wrong about the name!) [Someone please change to features]


Nice livery and welcome to the community!


what a lovely livery

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The colour is just right…

Go Hong Kong! :D

I think Dragon Air liveries have always been cool. :) Would be a great addition to IF. So, am I getting this right that Cathay and Dragon Air merged? (Hence Cathay Dragon)? And is that the new red Cathay livery, then?

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Yes it is… Red CPA livery… why isn’t that an eye-opener? 😂

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So then they’ll have two liveries? The green and red?

Well according to what I’ve read on their website, only Dragonair will be rebranded as Cathay Dragon… Cathay Pacific will stay as it is

Then yes Cathay Pacific will bear the turquoise colour and Cathay Dragon the red colour

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We have to have this ;)

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