20SEP20 / 1900Z - The Nanaimo Fly-In @CYCD

I’ll sign you up, thanks!

Yep… that’s correct :<

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Nothin beats In N Out


I’m, im… shocked…

So am I…

Sorry that took so long, you’ve been signed up!

Not a worry

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That is fine with me.

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Hey everyone! Just a reminder you’ve signed up for the Nanaimo Fly-In on Sunday at 1900z!

Sometime today or tomorrow I’ll create a group PM we can chat in!

i have something that came up i dont think i can attend sorry

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No worries! Would you still like me to add you to the chat in case you can make it?

@Oskapew There were Rouge flights from Toronto.


The event is tomorrow (yipee!) I hope to see most of you there!

Last minute signups are also welcome :)

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Am I able to join please
WestJet Encore 3161 CYVR-CYCD
Dash8 Q400
Oh and Favourite Burger is Fat Burger and a Beer here in CYZF

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I’ll sign you up in a few minutes!

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Hey so sorry, somehow a few minutes turned into hours lol! You’re signed up!

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Event about to kick off in an hour, if there’s anyone who hasn’t signed up but would like to do patterns or do a short flight in, by all means! :)

Hey that was fun !
Loved my Go Around saw Nanaimo Better tried looking for BeachCombers Lol

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Yeah, that was pretty chaotic, some guy decided to troll the aircraft… @AviationFreak … So I didn’t know if people were going to make room for the commercial aircraft to land or not LOL

Had fun flying, hope you have a good flight too!

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