20SEP20 / 1900Z - The Nanaimo Fly-In @CYCD


Bonjour IFC!

Welcome to the Nanaimo Fly-in!

As some of you may have noticed, I’m a bit partial to holding events in the Vancouver Area ;)

A Little Bit About CYCD

  • The Nanaimo Airport is located on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia, surrounded by mountains, glaciers, oceans and forests.
  • The Nanaimo and Ladysmith area are actually where a post-apocalyptic* novel I’m writing takes place.
  • CYCD is currently undergoing an expansion, adding a new terminal.
  • This airport sees commercial traffic, typically Westjet and Air Canada Dash 8s among other smaller turboprops.
  • The hamburgers at the cafe at CYCD are killer.
  • In non-COVID-19 times, this airport sees 870+ scheduled flights each month and serve 430,000+ passengers annually!

* I use the phrase ‘post-apocalyptic’ lightly, because that’s not entirely what it focuses on. It’s really about the good side of humanity, where in all the chaos good people will come together, help one another, and make the best of a bad situation.

Event Details

Arrival time: between 2020-09-20T19:00:00Z and 2020-09-20T20:00:00Z
Departure Airport: Your choice! (Suggestions listed below)
Arrival Airport: CYCD - Naniamo Airport
Aircraft: Any commercial aircraft smaller than a 739 and A321 or any general aviation aircraft!
Server: Expert
Note: Once parked, if able, please do not exit the simulator until the event has ended.

More Details to Come Closer to the Event Date

Route Ideas
Departure Aircraft
CYVR WJA or ACA Dash 8

Please note that these are simply ideas for routes and you may fly in from any airport!

As people are flying in, feel free to go back up for some patterns or low passes. But please remember that we are on the Expert Server and a level of professionalism should be maintained at all times.

Signing Up

To sign up, please answer the following in a reply:

Callsign, Aircraft, Departure Airport, What restaurant does your favourite burger (or other favourite fast food) come from?

Here, let me begin…

C-GABE, Cessna 172, CYPK, Burger King

I can’t wait to see you at CYCD!


User Callsign Aircraft Departure Airport Favourite Burger/Resturant
@Oskapew C-GABE Cessna 172 CYPK Any Burger King Burger
@AviatorNikola C-GZPI Cessna 172 CZBB Travis Scott @ McDonalds
@ILOVE7879-2.0 C-BCNVI A321 CYYZ A&W
@Canadian_Aviator N19ZW TBM-930 CYXX N/A
@AGSilver_04 Jazz 8255 Dash 8 Q400 CYVR N/A
@Captain-787 DRM-LNR TBM-930 CYTZ Dunkin Donuts
@Jacob_Layton Exectjet 551 Cessna Citation X CYYJ In N Out
@Cody_M N403DH TBM-930 CYXC N/A
@FlightisticYT F-LIGHTS Cessna Citation X CYVR Amy’s Burgers
@Pingu P-INGU TBM-930 CYCD McD’s Happy Meal Cheeseburger
@CanadianNorth7577 Westjet Encore 3161 Dash 8 Q400 CYVR Fat Burger at CYZF

C-GZPI, Cessna 172, CZBB, Right now it is The Travis Scott from McDonalds, but my all time favorite is Five Guys


Alright! I’ll put you down!

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Ill come A321 from YYZ
And I like A&W

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Ill come in a TBM form CYXX and I dont have a favourite burger sorry

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@ILOVE7879-2.0 Awesome, I’ll sign you up!

You’re signed up too!

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I’ll take an Air Canada Dash-8 from CYVR.

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You are signed up!

I’ll take a TBM from CYTZ, and my favorite burger is from Dunkin Donuts

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Oh wow, that’s going to be a long flight! I’ll sign you up!

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Exectjet 551, Cessna Citation X, CYYJ, In N Out

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@ILOVE7879-2.0 @Canadian_Aviator @AGSilver_04 @Captain-787

Don’t think I ever got a callsign from any of you. If you don’t have one, no worries! But if you have a preferred callsign, let me know :)

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Nice, I’ve put you down!

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Ok great, thanks!

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Sorry, you can give me callsign “DRM-LNR”

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N91ZW for me

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I’ll take the call sign Jazz 8255

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For sure!

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Sign me up! Also bonus CYCD shots:

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