20SEP20 - 1900z - GA: High Photography @ KLGB

Los Angels Visual!

Please join me in the first installation of “GA: High Photography”!

GA: High Photography will be a weekly installment of events in GA aircraft around the world! We take the route most Highly voted by you!
This weekend we will be flying a Visual around the LAX area, with the help of VORs, be sure to review the VOR Navigation Tutorial!

We are using the famous C172 on this flight, so remember to brush up on the Cessna 172 Checklist - Infinite Flight!

We will take off from Long Beach heading south; then a left tun toward the mountain tops, another left turn to get into the “valley of good hope”, then we take a visual over to final on KLGB.

When you join a PM will be sent with all the details!

  • Aircraft and Livery ✈️: C172 (Any Livery)

  • Route 🗺: 🛫 Long Beach (KLGB) - 🛬 Long Beach (KLGB)

  • Times ⏰: Take-off: 2020-09-20T16:00:00Z

  • Server 🗄: Expert server


  • please respect Unicom
  • Have fun!

Vote for where our next Flyout will be!

  • Tierra del la Fuego (Ushuaia)
  • Manhattan (New York)
  • Alps (Innsbruck)
  • Grand Canyon (Flagstaff)

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Sadly cant do this time sorry… maybe next time try it on a weekend…

also the @ in the title should say KLGB C:

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It is on a weekend ;) also title fix thx!

ohh still I have the D.C. Take Over Event


@USA_ATC same

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@Aviation2929 How bout’ I change it to Sunday? So everyone can come ;)

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Ok sign me up. Thank you

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I can come to this one now that the date has changed C:

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This is such a great event, too bad I wont be able to make it for this one because of exams. See you at Innsbruck maybe ;) ?

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I’ll join!

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Wish I could join… Would love to see one in Manhattan, beautiful scenery.

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Sign me up please. N76VT.

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