20SEP20 / 1100Z - A Manchester fly out @ EGCC

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about manchester

Home to over 440,000 residents (as of 2020.) The City of Manchester is a great place to host an event because of its huge airport with two runways, three terminals and home to a variety of 35 airlines, you will get to fly most of these flights at my event! I believe Manchester (EGCC) is a great place to host an event because of its varied airlines these include: TUI, Jet2, Emirates, Oman Air and Aer Lingus. It is also home to domestic airlines like Loganair etc, which all operate from the domestic terminal (terminal 3)

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Spawn in time:


  • I recommend filing a flight plan using Flptoif as it plans your flight with
    fuel, V-speeds etc.

  • Read through airports charts before departure

  • I am not responsible for any reports or L2/3 violations unless they are issued by me.

gatee assignments

Terminal 1
Airline Gate Destination Aircraft Assignment
Ryanair 16 GCRR B738 @InfiniteFlightDeck
Jet2 17 LEMH B738
easyJet 18 Bari A320
Lufthansa 01 EDDF A320 @nativetoalaska
Emirates 23 OMDB B773 @Logan_Lee
Aer Lingus 05 EIDW A320
easyJet 07 LFPG A320
Jet2 09 LEPA B738
Lufthansa 11 EDDM A320
Iceland Air 15 BIKF B757
TAP 12 LPPT A320
easyJet 10 GCFV A320
Jet2 8 LEBL B738
Aer Lingus 6 EGAA A321
Lufthansa 4 EDDV A320 @Anthony_Morgan
Aegean 2 LGAV A320
El Al 21 LLBG B738
Emirates 27 OMAA A380
Etihad 29 OMDB B773
SAS 31 ESSA A320
Jet2 32 LIRF B738
easyJet 28 EHAM A319 @Kyle0705
Finnair 26 EFHK B757
easyJet 24 EGPH A319
Emirates 22 OMDB A380 @Hayden_Buerckner
Terminal 2
Airline Gate Destination Aircraft Assignment
TUI 202 LEPA B738
TUI 204 KMCO B789
TUI 206 LFPG B738
TUI 208 EHAM B738
United 210 KJFK B789
Brussels Airlines 212 EBBR A319
Singapore Airlines 214 WSSS B772
Jet2 215 LEAL B738
TUI 217 GCRR B738
TUI 218 GCFV B738 @Declan_Blowes
TUI 219 KMCO B788 @Cloud-Surfer
Eurowings 249 EDDF A320
Cathay Pacific 247 VHHH A350 @Captain_74gear
Jet 2 243 LEMD B738
easyJet 239 LIPZ A319
TUI 237 GCLP B738
Eurowings 235 EDDM A320
Jet 2 233 ENGM B738
Delta 231 KJFK B772
Terminal 3 (Domestic)

Loganair flights are flown in the generic Q400

Airline Gate Destination Aircraft Assignment
Flybe 41 EGJJ Q400
British Airways 42 EGPE CRJ7 @GameBoy_KIRB
Flybe 43 EGNS E195
Flybe 44 EGNT Q400
British Airways 47 EGLC E190
Flybe 48 EGNS Q400
Vueling 49 LEBL A320
Loganair 50 EGPH Q400
Loganair 51 EGPN Q400
Loganair 52 EGPO Q400
Loganair 53 EGPB Q400
Loganair 54 EGPE Q400
Loganair 55 EGPF Q400
Jet2 Virtual gates (Remote)

LSVA may choose their own destination from Manchester

Airline Gate Destination Aircraft Assignment
Jet2 86 GCTS A330 @IF_Josh
Jet2 85 LTBS A330
Jet2 84 GCTS B738 @Declan_Mcgee
Jet2 83
Jet2 82
Jet2 81
Jet2 80
Cargo Operations
Airline Gate Destination Aircraft Assignment
Air France Cargo 71 LFPG B772F
FedEx 70 KJFK B772F

@HercDriver206 Are doing a run and break arrival!

Reserved Gates are:
Hangars 1,2 & 3

No-one is to turn up to the event without a gate as this will cause chaos.




event sponsor

This event is proudly sponsored by LSVA (Jet2VA) A virtual airline you can trust!

Join Jet2VA today!

I hope you enjoy this event!


Im now taking signups!

Cathay Pacific 247 VHHH A350

I will take those thanks make sure tag me when I can join

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Ok ill put you down!

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Please can I swop one of the gates for a Ryanair B738 to GCRR, please

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May I take this one?

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sure thing!

Nice event!

Can you please substitute out a Terminal 3 gate for a Vueling A320 down to Barcelona please 👉🏻👈🏻


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Yes of course!

Great thread!! Looking forward to it ✈️✈️

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ill take Tenerife A330 LSVA292

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I will take the A330-300 Jet2 Airtanker! (Generic) to Dalaman (LTBS)

Aircraft and route could be changed closer to the time.

Callsign -> LSVA007


Nice event, may I have this gate please?

I can never turn down an event at my home airport! Can I get gate 23 in Terminal 1 to OMDB?

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47 Sqn would like to visit & Fly Out, could we please have a remote stand

Omen 01
C-130J C5

Maj. Gen. P Harrison
OC 47 Sqn-EAF



I’ll take chav 2 to GCTS callsign LSVA282


How many gates do you require?

Just one for now, cheers

Would you be happy with a run and break arrival?

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Yeah no bother!

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Just bumping this :)

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