20OCT20 / 1200Z - SkyTrail Present: World’s Longest Flight WITH NEW SIGNUP SYSTEM! @ WSSS - KEWR

Event details

Time and Date: 2020-10-20T12:00:00Z2020-10-21T08:00:00Z
Server: Expert Server


Less then 30 people = Use the IFC
More then 30 people = Discord chat / call

Flight time: 18:30 - 19:30
FPL: Copy @Plexi_Playz (Callsign: PLEXI HEAVY)
Climb: At your discretion; just keep your distance (5nm-10nm)
Descent: Use VNAV
Runways in use: To be announced
Departure Airport: WSSS - Singapore Changi
Arrival Airport: KEWR - Newark Liberty

This event is a little bit different as to signup, you use Google forms. All interested are welcome! Those who did sign up are automatically noted on a spreadsheet! If you decided not to come, edit the form and put the form as not joining.

To edit the form, just open the signup link again with the same google account

Gate assignment and sign up closed: 2020-10-19T12:00:00Z

Signup here:


Check the attendees here:


Final Gates:


Gate No. Aircraft Participant Side notes
T3 Gate A21 SQ A359 @PocketRishi
T3 Gate A20 SQ A359 @SkyTrail Previously Plexi Playz
T3 Gate A19 SQ A359 @Infinite_Josh
T3 Gate A18 SQ A359 @CPT_Bambi
T3 Gate A17 SQ A359 @ORD777flyer
T3 Gate A16 SQ A359 @EasonZ
T3 Gate A15 SQ A359 @Marcel001
T3 Gate A14 SQ A359 @charrison
T3 Gate A13 SQ A359 @Patrick_Sterling_Jr
T3 Gate A12 SQ A359 @Andres
T3 Gate A11 SQ A359 @InfiniteArya
T3 Gate A10 SQ A359 @CaptainAftab
T3 Gate A09 SQ A359 @Robin3
T3 Gate A05 SQ A359 @Krsh7
T3 Gate A04 SQ A359 @Jamie_Walker
T3 Gate A02 SQ A359 @BKGBlueface
T2 Gate F50 SQ A359 @nativetoalaska
T2 Gate F52 SQ A359 @RhendyAvGeek
T2 Gate F54 SQ A359 @ZeRo_37
T2 Gate F56 SQ A359 @Dan Not sure if joining
T2 Gate F58 SQ A359 @Plexi 2468 Suspected Troll
T2 Gate F59 SQ A359 @austinjones_453 Invalid username
T2 Gate F60 SQ A359 @YourWorstNightmare Suspected Troll


How this event works

New sign up system

I apologise again for having you sign up through the new way but this way the sytem will be automatic. I need it to be auto since I will be busy till 17th OCT

The event sign ups will close 12 hours before the event. In that period, I will be assigning you all a gate manually

To cancel, click on the form’s link and then click edit (sign in using the same email used) and then go on to the Are you joining? question and then edit it. I will fix everybody’s gate when I assign each and one of you a gate.


Option 1

If we get more than 30 people, we will use discord to chat / call since the IFC’s PM system can only have 30 people. It woule be too hard if we have 2 PMs going simultaneously due to mutliple reasons such as fligth announcments and to alert another member if needed.

if we have less then 30 people, we will use the IFC’s PM system. You will be added 24 hours before the event

Discord server will be announced later

Option 2

Those who have discord will be invited to a small discord serve to chat and call if you want

Those who don’t have discord will be added to an IFC PM where also inform those guys too

Thread bump

I will try to bump this thread every 24 hours or so while since nobody will / needs reply to signup

More will be added if more questions asked


Count me in! I’ve signed up. Can’t wait to fly this route.


Arrival is 4 AM where I am, I would join if I could


Count me in as well just signed up

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Thanks for joining @ORD777flyer and @PocketRishi! And you too @CPT_Bambi!


Already Join!

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Oh yeah, I will try to bump this thread once in a while since nobody needs will reply to signup


wish i could join :(

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Sorry, I can’t be there as I have school, I hope you have a good flight! 😉


I totally would if the take off time wasn’t at 5 am and landing time at 1 am for me :(

I just did this flight today, have fun you guys!

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Welcome to the community!

I can’t join as the arrival would be at 5am for me :/

Also… no need to bump this every 12 hours.

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Someone’s entered their username as Plexi 6248 may they speak up cuz i dont know if this is a troll lol