20NOV20 / 1400Z Welcome to the Northeast | @ KORD to KBOS

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Welcome to the Northeast!

That’s what you’re gonna hear once you arrive at Boston airport after an amazing flight over the Northeast. It may be getting colder and colder as winter approaches, but it’s still just as fun to fly there. Come join us as we travel across the Northeast!
This event is co-hosted by @SWA1997, thank you! And also a big shoutout to @Butter_Boi for helping us to create the background and the gates assignments, Thank u (Sadly he couldn’t be here with us for this event!

Flight Info:

Departure: Chicago O’Hare International (KORD)

Arrival: Boston Logan International (KBOS)

Aircraft: Spirit A320, Spirit A321, American A320, American 738

  • Time and Date: 2020-11-21T00:00:00Z

Server: Training

Flight info such as the flightplan, speed, altitude, etc. will be released via PM.


Concourse G / H:

Gate Aircraft Pilot
G02A American 738 @Airliner
G04 American 738 @NuggetFornia
G06A American 738 @Will_W
G08 American A320 @Diomar_Hernandez
G10 American A320 @JaegerBoy13
H01A American 738
H02 American 738
H03A American 738
H03B American A320 @IG_InfiniteflightNYC
H04 American A320 @Aviation2929
H05 American A320 @bbrockairbus
H06 American A320

Concourse M:

Gate Aircraft Pilot
M01 Spirit A321 @plane_guy12
M03 Spirit A321 @PilotA320
M04 Spirit A321 @SWA1997
M05 Spirit A320 @zion89
M06 Spirit A320 @Kody_Chapman

More gates will be added as needed.

Thank you to everyone for signing up, you’re awesome!

And shoutout to @SWA1997 for co-hosting! Thanks!


All I know is you’re going from one really cold climate to another really cold climate…🥶


do you want to sign up

@zion89 u and me are the Spirits

got you 👌 bud

Thx @zion89

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@bcc.123 I used to live in Chicago so I know cold

@bcc.123 and @SWA1997. I used to live in Boston which was cold.🥶🥶

I bet @zion89

Come on people Join me and @zion89 event!! 🙏😁😁

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This please.

Perfect thx for coming @PilotA320 I would also like for u to create the FPL and the Call numbers pls

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No problem @SWA1997.


you have been added @PilotA320

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You added me on the wrong gate as I had requested MO3 Spirit A321.

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sorry about that

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It’s ok @zion89.

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training server

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gate : H02 Airline: American Aircraft: boeing 738

you are signed up

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