20NOV20 / 0600Z - Friday Night Flight: A Planned City @ SBBR

It will be incredible😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


Thanks Misha!!

This is amazing! Brazil and South America are extremely underrated in Infinite Flight (Everyone goes to SBGR and SKBO). I am really excited about this one!

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This excellent guide realised by @A_Plane_Guy can save your life in SBRJ and prevent you from falling into the sea and seeing the Christ.


Very nice FNF Misha!

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Ughh it’s always South America! Is the airport even big enough for all the 777 that everyone flies. Since most people In the game fly the huge 777 that almost exclusively flies international. Why can’t they do more international routes instead of focusing on domestic routes and adding one or two long hauls. It should be switched with with multiple destinations open across the globe perhaps following an airlines network like emirates and 1 or 2 local routes. Not trying to bash the ifatc but why not choose more mainstream airports that people will enjoy flying to and that actually have current real world international traffic. I know egll opened Monday a it was amazing how many people flew in you won’t see that at SBBR. No one ever flies to the secondary airports everyone always flies to the primary one so why not open up other big airports that people will like flying too. Infinite flight needs to focus their atc on more long haul routes instead of domestic and open more major airports at the same time such as KLAX and KORD. For the past year they have focused their new aircraft on long haul aircraft the players fly mainly fly long haul routes. Why is ifatc opening an airport 200 nvm away from the origin. I understand that they want to provide “continuous coverage” however that rarely occurs even when ifatc tries to keep the airports together. It’s useless to try to achieve that because their aren’t enough controllers to operate all of the stations to provide this continuous coverage. For example center stations are rarely open now they just don’t have enough people to achieve what they are trying to “continuous coverage”

NOTE: this is constructive criticism. I am just articulating what I would like to see in the game as a paying loyal customer.

Very cool looking fnf, I will be attending!

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Great fnf however everytime I try to use the 777 it just crashes but when I use any other plane it works

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It is an excellent choice, Brazil and the Latin American region offer incredible flight options.

Old Varig Airlines flight options:

🇺🇸 New York (KJFK) ➡️ (SBBR) Brasilia 🇧🇷

🇵🇹 Lisbon (LPPT) ➡️ (SBBR) Brasilia 🇧🇷

🇩🇪 Frankfurt (EDDF) ➡️ (SBSV) Salvador 🇧🇷

🇫🇷 Paris (LFPG) ➡️ (SBSV) Salvador 🇧🇷

🇮🇹 Milan (LIMC) ➡️ (SBSV) Salvador 🇧🇷

Varig is available on the 772 and VarigLog is available on the MD11F



Last time we had South America as an FNF was on the 13th March, 8 months ago. (With an empty SCEL a month later as the odd one out across the globe)

Last time South America was featured by IFATC overall was the Bogota/Avianca region last Thursday, and Brazil was last directly featured Thursday 5th November, 2 weeks ago, before that the 28th September and so on.

Last time SBBR was a hub, and in the FNF was in September 2018.

This isn’t all the time if you ask me.

Restrictions can be put in if necessary. And yes the 77F and A330-900 fly here irl.

When is there never a chance to not to an international route? I’m doing a 7½, and a 9½ hour flight tommorow, both realistically using the 737 and A330. People aren’t too happy with only domestic since tons of people fly long hauls, such as me multiple times per day.

I wouldn’t like to put a few airports around the world and then a few more in one place. It reduces traffic to each area on the whole, and It’s been proven before that bundling everything in a specific region works best, both for controller activity and local traffic.

This is carried out every now and again though. Vienna the other day for example.

Monday - Heathrow… Global hub
Tuesday - Beijing Daxing - Newer global hub airport, expanding.
Wednesday - Toronto, Canada’s busiest and most international airport.
Thursday - Rome - Italy’s largest airport with tons of long hauls
Friday - Brasilia - Brazil’s capital and hosts many international routes.
Saturday - Many 777 hubs and offers global routes
Sunday - Taiwan - Also a hub to EVA Air and China Airlines…

Where would we be seeing no ‘mainstream’ airports here that apparently has no real world international travel? 🙃

Becuase people will then go to the other big airports and completely ignore the set up hubs? I dont want to travel to the same airport again and again. After 7,000 hours of flying professionally and realistically, going to the large international airports are getting a bit boring and something like this I personally love.

Some people do have a lack of wanting to explore outside of Heathrow and California though. I highly disagree with these people lol.

The thing is, if these airports open up, will everyone travel to the major hub where everyone else is going, rather than going somewhere new where the controller will have most likely lost interest and closed by the time you get there? I have a lot of personal experience on this.

Center isn’t really opened often becuase there isn’t a massive load of people wanting to take on such a big task. And there are about 430 active controllers in IFATC currently. If you bunch this traffic together, are controllers more likely to control an area with regular traffic from other nearby controlled airports, or are they going to control somewhere halfway across the globe with about 3 aircraft in the hour, and the next one 9 hours away?

I get there is constructive criticism here, but it’s seeing both sides of who’s interest there is to either sit there with a few aircraft and questioning their choices on flying/controlling there, or control with continuous traffic both local and possible international at somewhere new to explore and have fun at.


American flew MIA-BSB in the 757.

I’m doing the same route in the Gol 737 shortly 😛


There were also an old route made by the B77W (or B772, i’m not sure) of Air France. It was 🇨🇵 Paris (LFPG) - (SBBR) Brasília 🇧🇷. Amazing route I had the opportunity to see while I lived in Brasília!! And it’s another amazing long route made by a widebody :)

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It’s also interesting the fact of the “wings region” are really called this way: South Wing (Asa Sul) and North Wing (Asa Norte) hahaha!


@tjb0709 and I are on our way now from Rome! AZA 1060 Heavy and AZA 0709.

Gonna do route from Dubai/OMDB right now

I’ll be headed to SBJC from BIL in a UA 78X.

im ready for it!

thanks Misha!

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Very nice thanks Misha

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