20MAY20 / 2300Z - Project Sunrise @ EGLL-YSSY

Qantas "Project Sunrise" London to Sydney Non-Stop Research Flight

Do you want to complete the worlds longest passenger flight. You came to the right place we will be attempting to complete this 21 hour long flight from London Heathrow to Sydney Kingsford Smith. Many will not be able to complete this but don’t let that stop you. Come by and try you can leave at any time. Hope to see you there and hopefully set some new longest flight records. If you would like for Information about the Qantas research flight project sunrise please make sure to visit this link.

Gate Terminal 3 gate 316: @Delta18
Gate Terminal 3 gate 317: @Luca_Arrowsmith
Gate Terminal 3 gate 319: @Alan_Thomson
Gate Terminal 3 gate 321: @charrison
Gate Terminal 3 gate 318: @Captain-Ace
Gate Terminal 3 gate 320: @Yan07
Gate Terminal 3 gate 322: @AviationFreak
Gate Terminal 3 gate 313: @Jaimexerez2000
Gate Terminal 3 gate 311: @Tachi_Berbera
Gate Terminal 3 gate 309: @4330Super
Gate Terminal 3 gate 307: @FLIGHT2

ATC: If available *
EGLL Ground: @Populeux_Music
EGLL Tower: @Populeux_Music
EGLL Departure:

YSSY Ground: @Aviation_Capital
YSSY tower: @Aviation_Capital
YSSY Approach: @BritishAirways001

More gates can be added if needed.

Server: This will be on training server for one reason so that we can have ATC feel free to sign up to be ATC as well you will be needed.

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2020-05-20T23:00:00Z

Aircraft and Livery: Please come in the Qantas 787-9 with a full tank of fuel, trust me you will need it.


I would do this, but I can’t :(. I have a few thing tomorrow, but can I be ATC for EGLL?

This looks fun! Will see if I can join later.

Please note that this is your 5th event of the month, so you are only allocated one more until the calendar flips to June :)

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Ok I’ll ask you again before we depart

What would you like to be at EGLL

Because EGLL is a super big airport in trn server, I think will take departure pls! (Because grn and twr would be to much)

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Alright sounds good

Last thing, 4:00pm in what time zone?

The date is in your time zone.

That is converted to your timezone

Ok, that is cool! See ya there :)

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Just saying, EGLL departure might be taken when I try to spawn in, so if that happens I will just say (hope that is does not happens)

Yeah i’m hoping that doesn’t happen

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Sorry but Project Sunrise is KJFK-YSSY

Won’t be able to be at this, but may the tailwinds be with you.

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Could I have a gate please?

Can I be Ground and Tower? Also can I post an ATIS? Thx

Edit: im adding this cause people think I’m asking YSSY, I’m asking EGLL TWR/GND

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No - its both KJFK-YSSY and EGLL-YSSY - please don’t give incorrect information.


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I’ll take ground and tower on EGLL.

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I called it first lol @Marcel001