20MAY20 / 2245Z - A Trip to Where We Started @CYYZ-HAAB

A Trip to Where We Started


Aircraft and Livery:
Ethiopian 777-200LR

Time of Departure:
(It is about 13 hrs of flight time)



CYYZ DE24R MA24R DENPI SEMTI IKLOG KIVOR KANICK PUMCY VOGAN DUKTI LOLVI MAXOD UKPAM MIPUS MIPOV RAWNE D259D EMIKA HERKI ELSIR H4951 H4950 H4949 H4948 H4947 H4946 H4945 H4944 H4943 H4943 H4941 H4940 H4939 H4938 H4937 H4936 H4935 H4934 H4933 H4932 H4931 H4930 H4930 H4929 H4928 H4927 H4926 H4925 H4924 H4923 H4922 H4921 H4920 H4919 H4918 H4917 H4916 KOGAD BIMGO 4912N ETIKI TURDO XIDAN GATMO IDBOV D318B DIRAX RARAK CD14L LASBO BO726 MA10 MP002 ECH04 D284O CT35L EPIDA CG731 NIBLO VEKIM 3416E 2030E DB300 DB302 AB301 AD50C AB907 AB905 AD50F AD50G GW079 AB002 AB113 GEDAD AB005 AB015 HAAB

Read Before Joining

I will spawn in at gate 177 at CYYZ. I will cruise at FL310 then up to FL410. My name is IFC-Ianuccelli and my callsign in Ethiopian 553


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