20may20/ 2115z @KLAX - KSFO

  • Aircraft and Livery : United Airlines A320

  • Route : KLAX - KSFO

  • Time of Departure : 2115Z, 5:15 EST, 4:15 CST, 2:15 PST

  • Server : Training Server

  • Additional Information: Spawn in at: Terminal 7, around gates 71A. Respect ATC, and other players. Have fun!

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What? Please explain.

I would join, but I have something in 30mins, Goodluck with the flight 😀

Thanks chief!

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Ill join you!

Let’s go!! I am loading in now.

Im controlling right now but ill be done in 2 min!

Okay, meet me at 71A!

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About to join!

May I provide you with fighter jet escort on this flight???

I think we are okay, but thank you for offering!

ok, than i’ll be a320…i’m second to right from where you stand currently

Okay, I see you. I am waiting on Namir to create the flight plan! Then we will be ready to rock and roll.

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do you guys see me

Which gate?

What’s the FL for today?

We already took off, sorry!

haha…no i’m in the air…I’m just asking for a crusing altitude?

Make sure you have the month and z are capitalized

Also you need a title