20MAY20 / 2100z - @ KSFO - KLAS

  • Aircraft and Livery: United A319

  • Route: SFO - KLAS

  • Time of Departure: 2:00PM PST

  • Server: EXPERT

  • Additional Information:
    Spawn Near Gate T3 F83

please be sure your title and post state zulu time. Also, @ThomasThePro is trying to help you by fixing your title so this doesn’t get flagged or closed. I would suggest not reverting back to errors he is fixing for you.


Thanks I just did that

Hey there! In order to make a #live:groupflights topic, you need to follow the guidelines. The title should be fixed :)

Just to let you know that IF doesnt have an A319 so you’d have to fly the generic livery


Yep helped him. Safe flying! :)

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