20MAY20 / 1815Z - Showing Aeroflot Some Love @ FAOR-UUDD

Showing Aeroflot Some Love

Hello, my name is Casper. I am designing flights from now on to help people in grade 2 advance to the expert server or people in grade 3 advance to grade 4 and finally get that beloved green nametag. I will try to do this every night so people will get at least 1 flight per day. I hope that this will grow to be a big sub-community in IF and that it will help a lot of people advance within the game. So far, 3 people have moved on from grade 2 by participating in these events. @Spencer_Clark will be posting the next 6 events but I will still be the host of these events. If you have any questions/concerns please contact one of the staff members. This is the 10th flight of this series and today we will be using Aeroflot’s MD11F to fly from Johannesburg to Moscow. The MD11 is a unique aircraft that is hard to fly and has many cool features in IF such as it’s cargo doors. I remember the day that it came out everyone was flying it, I flew from PANC-KLAX that day with the Delta MD11 and after that, I flew this exact livery and aircraft from Sint Maarten to KMIA, of course, I was a noob back then and didn’t know what I was doing but those were the good old days of IF. That was the last time I flew the Aeroflot MD11. You can see pictures of these on my instagram where there are a ton of old IF pictures. Lot’s of people also skip over Aeroflot when picking their aircraft liveries regardless of it being at the top of the list most of the time. So let’s show it some love. I hope to see a lot of people there, remember to respect ATC or use Unicom appropriately, please spawn gates about 10-15 min before the STD.
Here is a link to the FPL
Have a Great Day!

Server: Training

Aircraft: Aeroflot MD11F

Airport(s): FAOR | UUDD

Departure Time: 2020-05-20T18:15:00Z

Expected Arrival Time: 2020-05-21T04:30:00Z

  • Spawn about 10 minutes before the event starts

  • Act responsibly and listen to ATC

  • If someone has taken your gate just spawn at a nearby gate that isn’t assigned to anyone else.

  • We do fly on training server so unfortunately there is a possibility that there is already ATC. If you are assigned an ATC role I recommend going to the airport before people start spawning in.

Gate Assignments
Gate Attendant
Cargo D11 @Casp959er73
Cargo D12 @Hardlanding_Hussain
Cargo D13 @Spencer_Clark
Cargo D14 @Marcel001
Cargo D15 @That_Guy14
Cargo D16 @charrison
Cargo D17
Cargo D18
Cargo D19
Cargo D20
Cargo D21
Cargo D22
Cargo D23
Cargo D24
Cargo D25
Cargo D26
Cargo D27
Cargo D28
Cargo D29
Cargo D30
Cargo D31
Cargo D32
Cargo D33
Cargo D34
Cargo D35
Cargo D36
Cargo D37
Cargo D38
Cargo D39
Cargo D40
Cargo D41
Cargo D42
Cargo D43
Cargo D44
Cargo D45
Cargo D46
Cargo D47
Cargo D48
Cargo D49
Cargo D50

Ground/Tower: @JarrettFlies
Departure: Available


Ground/Tower: @JarrettFlies

Approach: @Hayden_Buerckner


Host: @Casp959er73
Co-Host: @Spencer_Clark
HR Manager (EU and Asia): @Hardlanding_Hussain
HR Manager (Americas): @Earl_Martindale

Participant List

@Casp959er73 , @Hardlanding_Hussain , @Spencer_Clark , @Marcel001 , @Hayden_Buerckner
@JarrettFlies @That_Guy14 @charrison


Moscow Domodedovo Airport
O.R. Tambo International Airport

NEW Route Requests

If you would like to request a route please send a PM the one of the staff members. Make sure you include the aircraft, airline, a creative title, departure airport, and arrival airport. Please make sure the flight time is between 9 and 11 hours Saturday-Wednesday nights and 10 and 14 hours Thursday and Friday nights.


Put me down for approach please.

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Can I have a gate Please?

Edit: I’m not sure if I wrote It correctly so I’ll say: I’ll take a gate.

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Aeroflot doesn’t have to do anything with Domodedovo. They fly from Sheremetevo UUEE

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@Marcel001 you have been assigned Cargo D14

Hello, I’m not a participant

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Thanks for Cargo D14!

I can be Ground/Tower at both locations! I like what your doing here!

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Sign me up!

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i’m in! Please sign me up.

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@charrison You’ve been assigned Cargo D16!

Thanks so much! I will see everyone tonight.


Just spawned and it looks like we might be too close together… not sure but we night need to spread out @Casp959er73

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