20MAY20/1700Z - Flyout egkk-eham @ EGKK

anyone can join me on the flight i will be doing on wed 20 may 2020 from egkk 8 left - eham 06 at 5:00pm

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Hey, sounds like a nice plan. I encourage you to make this into a group flight in the #live:groupflights category. Have fun!

If you need any help with that, check out this thread:

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Adding on to @TRDubh, you can find the guidelines for the #live:groupflights here: About The GroupFlights Category

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thanks!! i’m a bit new on the community!

Do you mind also saying what timezone the 5pm is? For now, we are going to assume that it is Zulu (GMT) time.

see you there!
hope we have ate

sorry forgot to mention!

london time(greenwich)

Ah, perfect. Have fun!

see you all there !!!

Just to note, Gatwick only use 26L/08R - as per the NOTAM surrounding the airport :)

Good luck and have fun! I would joined but I am just descending into LHBP

tho this is tomorrow

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Oh okay great, fair enough, I will see what I can do

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the time has arrived!!

5:00pm zulu
expert server

just asking who will be there?

the flight will last no longer than an hour!

are you coming?

will YOU be there?

No. I don’t remember signing up ?

Ummm… May 20 was yesterday…