20MAY / 0400Z - Showing Latam Some Love @ SCEL-CYYZ

Want to fly from Santiago Chile to Toronto Canada this is the place. This is a very rushed event so that we can make it in time for ATC this will be a basic flight from Chile to Canada. Hope you can join.


Gate 15: @Delta18
Gate 16: @Delta07
Gate 17:
Gate 18:
Gate 19:
Gate 20:

Aircraft Latam A350

Server: Expert

Airport: SCEL

Time: 2020-05-20T04:00:00Z

Flight plan will be in PM.


This is a event

My bad I wasn’t paying attention imaooooo.

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No worry’s

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If u push it to training I can do ATC for u guys but you’ll probably have it anyway on expert.

Sorry I can’t I’m doing this route because of the expert atc schedule

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Noooo, I just started OPIS-CYYZ, but the timeframe might not work out. If it doesn’t, I’ll most likely join this!

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Also, what is the estimated flight time? I think we have the same time zone so in between 8:30-9:30 arrival is good

What time zone are you in

CDT in the US

Yeah then 10:00 should be the latest arrival but most likely a little earlier.

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i reallyyyyy hate to be that guy but I’m just letting you know that for events, they can’t be posted within 3 hours of the event taking place. just letting you know.

Oh my bad I just looked at the rules to must have missed it I hope it’s ok if I keep this open because it so close.

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no worries. i just wanted you to know in case someone else brings it up to you :)

Thanks appreciate it I won’t do it in the future.

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Do you want me to put you in a gate if you can come?

For now can you put me on standby for gate 16? Thanks

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If you want to make that flight a little more realistic, only Air Canada 787 does that route. I will make the same flight leaving at 0500Z

Yeah I know I was looking at that flight but I want a live cockpit and I just did a 787 flight otherwise I would have done that flight.

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@Delta07 are you able to come?

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