20MAR21 / 1800Z - A Himalayan Hop + Paro Landing Competition @VNKT - VQPR

Welcome to the Himalayan Hop and Paro Landing Competition!

Our last competition was so much fun, so me, @Ethan_Lee1, @El_YuainXD and @GBKarp decided that we should make another one, this time at Paro. Paro has a very scenic and difficult approach.

Paro is a valley city in the country of Bhutan, located next to the Himalayas. Today, we will take the Batik Air route from Kathmandu to Paro, which will take us over the beautiful Himalayas, but there is awaiting challenge on the approach.


About the scenic route and diffic- impossible approach

For this event we chose Paro, as its often addressed as the “ as “the most difficult commercial airport in the world”. The airport has only one runway. Airplanes on approach pass by 5,500m Himalayan mountain peaks, and the 1,980m runway length presents a double challenge. The extremely high density altitude at the site makes everything even harder. Only a handful of airline pilots (8 as of December 2014) are certified to operate commercial airplanes there. About 30,000 people arrive at the airport each year.

We will be taking off from Kathmandu airport (IATA: KTM, ICAO: VNKT), which is an international airport located in Kathmandu, Nepal. This airport serves over 40 destinations in 17 different countries. But, it also serves a very special route to Paro Airport, which will take us right over the Himalayas. Although its not as difficult as Paro, Kathmandu airport also has a slightly tricky departure.

This route is operated by DrukAir and Bhutan Airlines.

We will be flying through valleys, mountains, so come join us to show your buttering skills! Hopefully this time we will see if @Butter_Boi is the butter boi of the IFC ;)

Landing Competition

At the end of this flight we will have a little fun landing competition. You don’t have to participate, its just for some fun. It’s a great challenge to test your piloting abilities! What we will be looking at is:

  • IF-O Screenshot - Optional
  • Make a successful landing at the airport.
  • Also please be kind to your passengers and go ask them if they are all alright.

At the end, @TestFlight009 will judge the landings and release the results.

We will be landing on Runway 33.

Yup, that’s it. As long as you land successfully, you are a great pilot anyways.

Paro Airport Charts


Event Information

Server: Expert

Aircraft: Batik Air A320

Route: Kathmandu (VNKT) to Paro (VQPR)

Duration: ~1 hour 20 mins

Day and Time: 2021-03-20T18:00:00Z (Saturday)

This event will be streamed live by @TestFlight009, with very fancy overlays and everything. Last time the stream was so much fun, you can find it here. So make sure to join this fun event!


Wave 1 - 1745Z Spawn

Gate Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Batik Air A320 @tunamkol
Gate 2 Batik Air A320 @GBKarp
Gate 3 Batik Air A320 @Ethan_Lee1
Gate 4 Batik Air A320 @El_YuainXD
Gate 5 Batik Air A320 @Murilo_Heindrich
Gate 6 Batik Air A320 @Pilot_Felix
Gate 7 Batik Air A320 @MJP_27
Gate 8 Batik Air A320 @Hardlanding_Hussain
Gate 9 Batik Air A320 @Deathsix


Gate Aircraft Pilot
Domestic 1 Batik Air A320 @TestFlight009
Domestic 2 Batik Air A320 @Butter_Boi
Domestic 3 Batik Air A320 @Nightt
Domestic 4 Batik Air A320 @Luke_B
Domestic 5 Batik Air A320 @NiksAviation
Domestic 6 Batik Air A320 @brennanhackard
Domestic 8 Batik Air A320 @Aviation108
Domestic 9 Batik Air A320 @mitchjansen2005
Domestic 10 Batik Air A320 @Julien_Narayanasawmy
Domestic 11 Batik Air A320 @Pilot_Aaltonen
Domestic 12 Batik Air A320 @AGSilver_04
Domestic 13 Batik Air A320 @Errigal
Domestic 14 Batik Air A320 @Fat_Albert_512
Domestic 15 Batik Air A320 @tjb0709
Domestic 16 Generic A319 @Airnico_9962_on_YT
Domestic 17 Batik Air A320 @Flyingshib

Wave 2 - 1810Z Spawn

Gate Aircraft Pilot
Gate 1 Batik Air A320 @Syed_Hashim_Raza
Gate 2 Batik Air A320 @MaxTheBandit
Gate 3 Batik Air A320 @samory167
Gate 4 Batik Air A320 @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
Gate 5 Batik Air A320 @AlaskaAirFan
Gate 6 Batik Air A320 @TheExDid_HD
Gate 7 Batik Air A320 @TheGynSpotter
Gate 8 Batik Air A320 @Captainflight
Gate 9 Batik Air A320 @Bekir_Maden

A guide to Paro

Here is a great tutorial made by @A_Plane_Guy on how to execute the Paro Approach, we highly recommend you check it out! - This tutorial is for RWY15, we will be using 33. However, the guide is good to get you familiar with airport terrain.


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during
    this event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • Copy flight plan from @tunamkol once you have spawned.
  • You will be invited to a PM once you have signed up.
  • Have fun and enjoy the flight!
  • Make sure to bring some butter with you.

Thank you for checking out our event! Make sure to grab a gate!


St Barths Landing Competition Results

1st place: @Pilot_Felix
2nd place: @El_YuainXD
3rd Place: @Nightt

Congrats to all of you once again!


Could I take a gate? I tried flying into Paro before in IF, quite fun!

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Of course! It is so much fun indeed. See you there!

edit: i forgot to write fun so the sentence probably didnt make too much sense

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Haha, I didn’t notice it

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Can’t wait for it!!

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Can I grab Domestic 5 under overflow?

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Absolutely! Thanks for joining :)

Can i sign up?

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Of course you can! I will add you now.

Looks like we ran out of overflow gates, everyone can keep signing up, I will add more of them soon.

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Alright, more overflow gates have been added. Make sure to fill those up as well!

I am a simple man. I see Paro, i click. Sign me up!

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Haha, it’s gonna be a fun flight! See you there!

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None of the airlines operating this route have their livery in Infinite Flight.

Fill those gates everybody, its gonna be a very fun flight!

Sign me up for this gate

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Sure! its gonna be funnn, thanks for joining :)

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hi… count me in… sign me up for any gate

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Great! See you there, and make sure you have butter with ya

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haha yeah sure

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