20MAR21 / 1600Z - The Sunshine State Flyout @ KMCO

There isn’t any more routes to Denver at the moment but if you want I can change one to accommodate for you.

This gate please :)

Can I have this one, please?

Sorry I’m not sure if I can make it

Is this event still happening?

hey @nativetoalaska can you reserve one more KDEN slot for me?

Attendee Gate
@zand3r Gate 43
@MainSky Gate 40

Thanks for deciding to participate!

Yes, though I’m unsure if I can attend at the moment.

Sure, which airline? We’ve got Southwest and United to pick from.

Southwest (Heart) pls, thank u! what is my gate?

Just spawned in had to go to another gate because someone was in mine.

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I’ll use RWY 36R for departure

You’ve got gate 104, sorry for the late response.

To everyone attending, I’ll be skipping the PM as I won’t be able to attend. You all may spawn.

Airsides 1 & 3 will use runway 18L, Airsides 2 & 4 will use runway 17R. Do not interfere with traffic on a different runway when departing.


Do you mind using 18L?

Yes, no problem. 18L

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Pushback now?

Yes, you may go when ready. Be sure not to interfere with other traffic on taxi and departure!


lol where is everyone going

I don’t know, but it doesn’t sound good 😬

I’ll back taxi I guess so I’m not going against the grain

Thought we were departing 18L

I’m in the air, thanks @nativetoalaska for the this event, it was a pleasure to take part, i’ll let you know when i’ve touched down in KEYW.

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