20K Flight Hours

Congrats mannnnn!!!

Saw you many times in the sky! Or it was crazybee2 idk….

Keep up :)

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Holy Molly that is quite an achievement!

You’re one of the most iconic pilots of the Sim!

Hoping for you many more!

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20’000 flight hours… That’s 833 days. More than 2 years of flight time. Remarkable; congratulations!


Wow that’s an impressive number. Not a lot of real life pilots have these many flight hours, this is amazing!

me with over 4000 hours and counting.

Maybe you saw both as the both nearly always fly the same rout with 50nm spacing

2years 😬 never calculated that

I am i realy that iconic ? 🤔

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Yeah they event aren’t allowed to fly everyday 20hrs nonstop 😂

4.000 thats also really nice and more then i have on my second account currently

Yes you are 😂

I even was your controller in EHAM on monday, I was soo happy 😂

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Okay if your saying that. Also yeah thanks for the service there 👍.

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Congratulations to 20k Flight Hours. Nice that i was sometimes a part of it, and good to habe you in our VA.

See us up there! 👍😉


Congrats! 🎉

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Congrats! Still at the 17.300 😂.

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Oh what happened that the gap got bigger?

Insane o_O

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Final exams and flight schools haha.

Ahh okay yeah understandable

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What you said:


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