20K Flight Hours

So about 6years of activ flying in IF from Regions non Global to now Global 3D Airports ans so much more i achieved the 20K Floght hours.

After i achieved 10Milion XP last October

i now realized that i’ve hit my first 20K Flight hours. Thats a lot and in that time i’ve met alot nice people here. Joind a lot of VA’s over the time. and now its again time to thank all off those nice people i met and still am in contact with. I could tag all of them but when they read this they know who i am talking about its just about a handfull of people. Thanks to everyone supporting me and lets have another 20K flight hours together here.

Prove in Picture:

6years that is incredible i never have thought taht i would play this game over such a long period of time and that it still is wonderful and doesn’t get boring. Thanks for the Devs to bring so many amazing new things with each update and always impress with new things. You really try to get the Maximum out of those Mobile devices with this simulator.

P.S i am still waiting for a bug fix so i can fly for mor then 233hrs in one session i will fly in IF till we get this fixed 😉


Amazing! Congrats on 20,000 hours!


Thank you lets go for the next 20k 😅

Congratulations CrazyBee! 🐝

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Thank you

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Me who has 4 flight hours and not even a pro subscription ._,


Just keep flying you just started with IF.

Congratulations for this achievement !! Now that’s some serious dedication towards flying 😉

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If i only would have the money to start my PPL i would definitely put the same energy in it

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Amazing achievement! Good job!

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Wow ! 20K hours of flight ! Well done mate ! Still at 1.1K 😂

Easy! I once did a 20hr flight to Sydney, project sunrise, I just forgot to do it 999 times more. 🙃

Amazing achievement Bee! 🐝


How many devices did u go through? lol

Me with only 800 flying hours and 980,000 XP


Congratulations on another accomplishment brother

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I remember doing some mid-air refueling with you before, cool to see you finally got the 20K flight hour mark!


holy cow! congratulations!!


😂 yeah don’t know how often i did That flight

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I think i had 5 or 6 different Devices i used in that time

1.1K is also great. Just keep flying and you will get to 20K in the next years

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