20JUNE24: Eastern Caribbean Island Hop

Welcome to Eastern Caribbean Island Hop presented by Caribbean Virtual. Join us as we depart from the Eastern most Caribbean Island, Barbados, and fly up to the world famous Princess Juliana International, St. Maarten. 🇧🇧➡️🇸🇽


Grantley Adams International Airport (TBPB)
Date: Thursday 20th June 2024
Departure: 1700Z (1:00PM EST)

Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM)

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800 (Caribbean Airlines)
Flight #416
Flight Time: 1:10


We will be using gate assignments for this event. To sign up for a gate, please respond to this thread below.

Gate 8: @rpedro
Gate 9: @WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Gate 10: @flywithkai
Gate 11: @barbadian
Gate 12: @Levi.TT
Gate 13
Gate 14
Gate 15
Gate 16
Gate 17
Gate 18
Gate 19
Gate 20
Gate 21
Gate 22


  • Please spawn 15 min before the event start time, we will depart on time.
  • Pushback and taxi instructions will be given to you by the Event Manager.
  • Use ATC/CTAF frequencies. Follow all instructions.
  • All are welcome to join!

For more information about Caribbean Virtual, visit our WEBSITE and our OFFICIAL THREAD.


They truly need to make BGI a 3D airport. Enough is enough.

Can’t wait to be there!!!

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its coming next update…

😂😂😂 don’t hold your breath. Infinite Flight doesn’t care about BGI. Even if it’s coming in the next update, you know the next update won’t be out until the year 2027 lol.

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There’s an entire post that’s dedicated to it…