20JUNE20 / 1400Z | Russian flight on cute S7 A319 @UUDD

Ladies and gentlemen, how about flight in Russia?

In a nutshell:
Server: Training
Flight: UUDD - USSS
Time: 1400zulu, Flight Time - 2h 30 min, spawn 10-15 minutes before zulu1400
Airplane: A319
Airline and callsign: S7 - Siberian 1171 (You can also use Flight of 2, 3, 4…)

Today I invite you to my first event on the infinite flight community: we will be flying between two large cities of Russia - Moscow, and Yekaterinburg!

Look at this beauty, that we will fly:

This is Siberian Airlines (S7) A319. Fun fact: Some people call S7 planes cucumbers lol.

We will depart from Moscow Domodedovo (UUDD):

It is one of three airports in Moscow and it is mostly used by S7 airlines.

The airport we will arrive is Yekaterinburg Koltsovo (USSS):

I chose the Training server so everyone will have a chance to control air traffic.

You can use any gate that you want, I recommend to choose you the closest one to other airplanes (so Instagram guys and I can take awesome shots of traffic :).

The flight plan can be copied from me (the nickname is Ryanairy55YT). Callsign is Siberian 1171, flight time - 2 hours 30 minutes.

See you all on Saturday zulu1400, make sure to spawn 10-15 minutes before zulu1400 when everyone will pushback!


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