20JUN21/1500Z - The Summer Get away @ KLAS-PHNL [COMPLETED]

In 2021, the summer solstice is on the 20th of June. To honor this, we will be celebrating by going from a really hot place, to a beautiful summer Get away!
This goes from Las Vegas to Honolulu on what should be an Absolutely beautiful flight!
This event will be co-hosted by @AviationFreak !

Server: Expert
Flight time: 5:15
Date and Time: 2021-06-20T15:00:00Z

About KLAS

Las Vegas Airport is in Las Vegas and is the main hub of Allegiant airlines.
The airport opened a while back and ever since has been a gateway to this West with its large supply of western US routes.

About PHNL

Honolulu Airport is on the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii, it is one of the few outdoor airports in the world and offers plenty of great spotting opportunities. This airport is a 3D airport in Infinite Flight!


Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
C01 Southwest 737-800 @marcos44
C02 Southwest 737-800 @Cloud-Surfer
C03 Southwest 737-800 @WRL_Kubica
C04 Southwest 737-800 @YI-A
C05 Southwest 737-700 @AviationFreak
C07 American A321 @Ikaika_Boi808
C08 American A321 @WestCoastAviator
C09 Southwest 737-800 @Mr_Young
C11 American 737-800 @Aviation2929
C12 American 737-800 @SAAL
C14 Allegiant A320 @Broken
C16 Allegiant 757-200 @Tate_Wang
C19 Allegiant 757-200 @Tharealjaay
C21 Allegiant 757-200 @AviatorRyan
C22 Hawaiian 767-300 @Javiation_491
C23 Hawaiian 767-300 @BillBFY
C24 Hawaiian 767-300 @Juan_Alejandro_Duran
C25 Southwest 737-800 @bbhusty


  • More gates will be added if needed

  • If at the time of the flyout there is no Allegiant 757, use the infinite flight or generic livery

  • you can use any livery, just it has to be from the specified Airline and aircraft.

KLAS airport chart


PHNL airport chart



Frequency Controler
Tower/Ground/ATIS @Nils_Esser
Frequency Controler
Honolulu Center


Please let me know with any questions, comments, or concerns


I’ll take this

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How long is the flight time?

@bbrockairbus you are all signed up

@AlaskaAirfireball111 about 5 hours and 15 minutes

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Alright, I think I can make it, I am not entirely sure though, I will keep updated on if I can and/or cannot make it.

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No worries! Do you want to pick out a spot just in case?

I would love this spot

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Got you all signed up!

This one please

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Thanks! You are all signed up!

C07 American A321
I’ll take this spot

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You have been signed up!

I’ll take this one

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I’d love this spot!

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quote=“Aviation2929, post:1, topic:572187”]

Hippety Hoppety this gate is now my property (please)

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Hippety hoppety this gate is now my property (please) 💕

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C01 please

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@WestCoastAviator @billbfy @Javiation_491 @Kurtis

You are all signed up!

can i get this