20JUN21 / 0300Z - Pacific Hop @ KDEN to RJTT

Hey, this is my first Event here on the IFC, so please tell me any mistakes! This is a flight from Denver international (KDEN) to Tokyo (RJTT). Both these airports feature 3D objects from 21.1! So its a great flight for people who really enjoy IF’s 3D objects. This flight will also be able to give you the chance to try the newer ANA 77W here’s the INFO:
Server: Expert, hoping to have ATC

Airports: starting at Denver (KDEN) ending at Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)

Time: Sun, 20th 03:00 ZULU time

Aircraft options:

ANA 777-300ER

ANA 777-200ER

UNITED 777-200ER

Cruising Alt: 34,000ft | 36,000 ft 2 hours in
More details will be posted on a group PM
Names: @Alaska_298_super_YT , @EI-AVA , @MD-11man @Matt001 and @AviationChampion Is ATC

Hope to see you there!


Hey @AlaskaAirfireball111 ,@Matt001 @anon36354988 and @amaryahjohnson1996 if you are joining, please comment that you are, thank you!

Sorry, if I didn’t have a flight that day, I definitely would. Good luck tho!

I can be ATC if you still need the services?

It’s on Saturday btw

Sure if you’d like!

June 20th is a sunday, which is also father’s day.

Okay, I’ll be there as Tower, Ground & ATIS.

Oh I thought you said today, my bad

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For the 20th, i meant ZULU time, where i am it’s Saturday

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My birthday is June 25th

Still can’t, would like to join another one in the future though!

That’s fine, hope to see you join in a future flight!

Nice, thanks for being ATC

You’re welcome

Looks like fun!

Hello Ava!!

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Hey there!!

Should probably talk on Discord to avoid flood in here

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I was going to do a group pm, but ill consider disc