20JUN20 / 0900Z - My birthday group flight! @ CYYZ to CYOW | Flight Started JOIN NOW

On June 20th 2020 I will officially be a teenager.

I am willing to celebrate my birthday with the IFC by doing a special birthday flight from CYYZ to my hometown CYOW.

Arrival Airport is CYOW


9:00 Zulu time

Flight Time
45 to 55 minutes

Aircraft and Livery
Air Canada Livery
Embraer E175

There is no need for Gate Reservations.

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Happy birthday! Unfortunately, I can’t come but I hope you have a nice flight. I just have one question though;

Don’t you have to be 13 to join the IFC in the first place?


Happy Birthday To You…
Wish You All The Best
Have A Nice Flight, Hopefully I can Join

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I never knew that was a rule.
Eek, I don’t wanna get banned.

Thank you so much, hope the best to you as well.

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I hope more people can join. :)

If you told us that when you joined you would get suspended but as you are now 13 you will be fine. Happy birthday 😁

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Tysm.! :).

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