20JUL24: The Great Basel flyout 🇨🇭

Hello to all IFC Pilots. I’m proud to announce the Great Basel Flyout happening on 20 JULY 24. Basel is the most beautiful place in Europe and we invite you to join us.

I want to give honor to @MAviationYT to give the honor for a video of the Flyout Recap.


Gates A1-A16
Gates Aircraft and Livery Flyout destination Username
Gate A1 A320 EasyJet Funchal
Gate A2 A321 Wizz Air Budapest
Gate A3 A321 Wizz Air Belgrade
Gate A4 737-800 Sun Express Izmir @United403
Gate A5 A320 EasyJet Berlin
Gate A6 A320 EasyJet Copenhagen
Gate A7 A321 Wizz Air Nis
Gate A8 A320 EasyJet Palma De Mallorca
Gate A9 A320 EasyJet Edinburgh
Gate A10 A320 vueling Barcelona
Gate A11 Embraer E190 KLM Amsterdam
Gate A12 Embraer E190 Air France Paris @MAviationYT
Gate A13 Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR Frankfurt @nabilk11
Gate A14 A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul
Gate A15 737-800 Norwegian Oslo
Gate A16 A319 British Airways London @MANDELA
Gates B1-B28
Gates Aircraft and Livery Flyout Destination Username
Gate B1 A320 EasyJet Heraklion
Gate B2 A320 Pegasus Antalya
Gate B3 A320 EasyJet Bordeaux
Gate B4 A320 EasyJet Montpellier
Gate B5 A320 Austrian Airlines Vienna
Gate B6 A320 EasyJet Alicante
Gate B7 A320 EasyJet Athens @whyevenbothernaming
Gate B8 A320 EasyJet Nice
Gate B9 A320 EasyJet Malaga
Gate B10 A320 Eurowings Palma De Mallorca
Gate B11 A320 EasyJet Porto
Gate B12 A320 EasyJet Catania
Gate B13 A320 EasyJet Ibiza
Gate B14 A320 EasyJet Manchester
Gate B15 A320 EasyJet London Gatwick
Gate B16 A320 EasyJet Lamezia Terme
Gate B17 A320 EasyJet Brindisi
Gate B18 A320 EasyJet Figari
Gate B19 A320 EasyJet Rome
Gate B20 737-800 Sun Express Kayseri
Gate B21 A320 EasyJet Bristol
Gate B22 A320 EasyJet Naples
Gate B23 A321 Wizz Air Sofia
Gate B24 A321 Wizz Air Skopje
Gate B25 777F Qatar Cargo Doha @samantha97
Gate B26 A321 Wizz Air Tuzla
Gate B27 A320 EasyJet Olbia
Gate B28 A320 EasyJet Split
Gates E1-E12
Gates Aircraft and Livery Flyout destination Username
Gate E1 A320 EasyJet Valencia
Gate E2 A320 EasyJet Faro
Gate E3 A320 EasyJet Bari
Gate E4 A320 EasyJet Toulouse
Gate E5 A320 EasyJet Venice
Gate E6 A320 EasyJet Nantes
Gate E7 A320 EasyJet Madrid
Gate E8 A320 EasyJet Santiago (Europe)
Gate E9 A320 EasyJet Ajaccio
Gate E10 A320 EasyJet Marrakesh
Gate E11 A321 Wizz Air Banja Luka
Gate E12 Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR Munich
Gates F1-F8
Gates Aircraft And Livery Flyout Destination Username
Gate F1 Mitsubishi CRJ-900LR Lufthansa Munich
Gate F2 A320 European Air Charter (Generic) Pristina
Gate F3 Air Dolomiti E190 (Generic) Munich
Gate F4 737-800 Sky up (Generic) Warsaw
Gate F5 A320 Air Arabia Casablanca
Gate F6 A320 Nouvelair (Generic) Djerba
Gate F7 A321 Turkish Airlines Istanbul
Gate F8 A320 Pegasus Istanbul (SAW)


  1. Spawn exactly when the event starts which makes it a flyout together.
  2. Use ATC Properly When Taxiing and Takeoff.
  3. Maintain A Safe distance between aircrafts.
  4. Obey Airspeed limit.
    |Column 1 | Column 2 | Column 3 | Column 4|
ATC Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
Ground @Clement_Noel

See you at Basel 🇨🇭


Thanks for the honor to planespot! You need to go to settings though and click create event so we know what time the event is.

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I would use a “create event” feature! Yup that ^

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Oh flip it I forgot the event feature

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Note this will be an all day event

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The event feature says the 19th but title says 20th. Just letting you know

Oh no wait That is the beginning of the event

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Lemmie get this straight. The event
Starts on the 19th but ends on the 20th?

Gate B7, please.

I’ll try this one! Never flown Sun express

Signed up my friend

Got you down

Correct cause it starts at 00:00 you can come anytime

Can I fly any destination?

Sure of you want you can take 777F Qatar cargo to Doha

This please!

Got you down

Ok thank you, sound cool goint to Doha, maybe I’ll be there.

Since I’m planespotting ig I’ll take this one

Sure my friend got you down