20JUL20 / 0130Z - Red Eye? Alright! (Part 1) @RJAA to @MMMX

Hello and welcome to the Red Eye, Alright series! In this series we will embark on Red Eye flight moslty every day! Today, we will depart from RJAA and work our way to MMMX. Here is some information about the airports

  • Aircraft and Livery: Aeromexico 772, Aeromexico 787-8, or ANA 787-10 (Replacement for 787-8)

  • Flight Plan: Copy my flight plan. Callsign will be ASVA103.

  • Time of Departure: 2020-07-20T01:30:00Z

  • Server: Expert


  • Additional Information:

  • Respect ATC or Unicom.

  • Gate Assignments will be given in Group Chat via IFC.


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I’ll join!

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Is it ok to do the ANA 777-200ER?

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Sorry for this, but do you mind using a Aeromexico 772 instead of a ANA?

Sure I can do that.

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If you are using Aeromexico Park at Gate 24.

I have everything ready.

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Cruise: FL330
Mach Speed: 0.84
Climb Profile: 250 bellow 10,000/ 315 above 10,000/ Mach 0.84 above 33,000.
Climb VS: 2200

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I won’t talk that much in flight, so if you have any questions I would ask now.

Sounds good. Any planned step climbs?

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Departure runway?

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From 330 Step climb too 350. Departure Runway is 16R.

Cool. Do you mind putting the waypoint for the 35K in the flight plan? That way I’ll know when to do it (most likely when I wake up lol)

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It Waypoint Lando

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I am going to push now

If you choose the D23L approach it fixes the wonky vectors

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You cruise at 330 i will at 350

Those are missed approch vectors

Good Night! I will see you Tomorrow.