20JAN21 / 1200Z - PacificOceanTour @ KLAX to NTAA

Hello I will do a Pacific Ocean tour event that means we fly over the haul Pacific Ocean, I already did this tour in November 2020, but I do it now again but with other routes here you can look at a Video: https://youtu.be/eZJhac-2qlU

The Routes will be:

Los Angeles(KLAX) - to Tahiti(NTAA)
Aircraft will be : Boeing 789 Air Tahiti Nui
After this Route we go on From
Tahiti(NTAA) to Nadi(NFFN)
then: Nadi(NFFN) to Port Vila(NVVV)
Next one is Port Vila(NVVV) to Brisbane(YBBN)
Then we continue from Brisbane(YBBN) to Guam(PGUM)
From Guam(PGUM) to Honolulu(PHNL)
Last flight is from Honolulu(PHNL) back to Los Angeles (KLAX)

Server: everything will be flying on the Training Server

Airport: The First Event will be From Los Angeles(KLAX) to Tahiti(NTAA)

Time: First Flight will be on Wednesday 20.01.21 12:00Z

Would be happy if many people would join 😉👍🏻

How long would it be in total?

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The Flight Time to Tahiti will be 7H I think 👍🏻

Alright I might be able to

Wait when r the other flights taking place?

Btw just a tip try not to organise events in KLAX on training server because there is a lot of traffic usually (same goes for EGLL) :)

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