20FEB22 / 1400Z - IFGEP Final Event Fly-Out @ LEMD

IFGEP Final Event and Anniversary Celebration

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Nov 2021 marks IFGEP 1st Anniversary. We would like to thank the IFC members for your continuous support in our VO. However, due to our staff busy schedule, it is sad to announce that IFGEP will be closing down at the end of this month. Hence, to celebrate our anniversary, we have decided to host a fly-out of our founder @Kuan_H current base, Madrid, Spain.

Event Details

Date/Time: 2022-02-20T14:00:00Z, spawn 10 mins prior
Airport: LEMD (Madrid Barajas)
Server: Expert Server
IFATC Availability: Yes, this is featured airport in IFATC Schedule

Number of Pilots: 15

Route Choices

From short haul to long haul, we have a wide variety of routes available for your selection. Simply pick from the tables below.

Terminal 1
Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
Remote Stand 40 Ryanair B738 Santiago-Spain (LEST) 01:05 @turkishcaptain_batu
Remote Stand 41 Air Europa E195 Alicante (LEAL) 01:05
Remote Stand 42 Ryanair B738 Bergamo (LIME) 01:50
Remote Stand 43 Tunisair A319 Tunis (DTTA) 02:00
Remote Stand 45 Ryanair B738 Beauvais (LFOB) 02:00 @KSM_King_Storm
Remote Stand 211 Easyjet A319 London Gatwick (EGCC) 02:15
Remote Stand 213 Ryanair B738 London-Stansted (EGSS) 02:20
Remote Stand 215 Ryanair B738 Eindhoven (EHEH) 02:20
Remote Stand 217 Ryanair B738 Catania (LICC) 02:30
Remote Stand 221 Easyjet A319 Edinburgh (EGPH) 02:50
Remote Stand 223 Ryanair B738 Bucharest (LROP) 03:30
Remote Stand 225 Turkish Airlines A333 Istanbul (LTFM) 04:00
Remote Stand 227 Ryanair B738 Kyiv Boryspil (UKBB) 04:00
Remote Stand 30 Egyptair B738 Cairo (HECA) 04:45
Remote Stand 32 Aeroflot A320 Moscow-SVO (UUEE) 05:10
70 Saudia B789 Jeddah (OEJN) 05:30 @HUMVEE
72 Delta Airlines B763 New York-JFK (KJFK) 08:25
74 United B763 New York-Newark (KEWR) 08:35
T02 Air Europa B789 Las Americas (MDSD) 08:45 @RafaelPadilla
T03 Air Europa B789 Havana (MUHA) 10:00 @Aiden_Hodges
T04 Air Europa B789 Cancun (MMUN) 10:30
T05 Air China A333 Beijing-Capital (ZBAA) 11:00 @Adventures
T06W Aeromexico B788 Mexico City (MMMX) 12:15
T09W Air Europa B789 Montevidio (SUMU) 12:30
T11W Korean Air B748 Incheon (RKSI) 12:30 @Levi_Park
Terminal 2 and 3
Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
T2, T13W Air Europa E195 Bilbao (LEBB) 01:00
T2, T14 Air Europa E195 La Coruna (LECO) 01:00
T2, T16 Air Europa E195 Vigo-Peinador (LEVX) 01:00
T2, T17 Air Europa E195 Ibiza (LEIB) 02:50
T2, T18 Wizzair A321 Tirana (LATI) 02:50 @Alexbg29
T2, T19 Wizzair A321 Tirana (LATI) 02:50 @tjb0709
T2, T20W Wizzair A321 Tirana (LATI) 02:50 @Alexian61
T2, T22 Wizzair A321 Tirana (LATI) 02:50 @Jakub_Astary
T2, T23 Wizzair A321 Tirana (LATI) 02:50 @AviatorAlex
T3, T24 Air Belgium A339 Brussels (EBBR) 02:10 @Baba
T3, T29 Air Belgium A339 Brussels (EBBR) 02:10 @AviationZyYT
T3, T31 Brussels Airlines A330 Brussels (EBBR) 02:10 @Power9002
T3, T33 TAP Portugal A320 Lisbon (LPPT) 01:10
T3, T34 Air Europa E195 Milan-MXP (LIMC) 02:00
T3, T35 Air France BCS3 Paris-CDG (LFPG) 02:00
Remote Stand 10 Brussels Airlines A319 Brussels (EBBR) 02:15
Remote Stand 11 KLM B738 Amsterdam (EHAM) 02:20
Remote Stand 12 Ryanair B738 Luxembourg (ELLX) 02:30
Remote Stand 13 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt (EDDF) 02:30
Remote Stand 14 Lufthansa A319 Munich (EDDM) 02:30
Remote Stand 15 Aegean Airlines A320 Athens (LGAV) 03:20 @harrytzo
Remote Stand 16 LOT B738 Warsaw (EPWA) 03:30
Terminal 4
Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
300 Iberia CRJX Santander (LEXJ) 00:45
304 Iberia A321 Sevilla (LEZL) 01:00
308 Iberia A321 Oviedo Asturias (LEAS) 01:00
312 Iberia A321 Jerez (LEJR) 01:00
322 Iberia A321 San Sebastian (LESO) 01:10
324 Iberia A321 Malaga (LEMG) 01:10
328 Iberia A321 Palma de Mallorca (LEPA) 01:15
330 Iberia CRJX Lyon (LFLL) 01:20
334 Iberia A321 Barcelona (LEBL) 01:20
338 Iberia A321 Toulouse (LFBO) 01:20
342 Iberia A321 Geneva (LSGG) 01:45
346 Iberia A321 Milan Linate (LIML) 02:15
350 Iberia A321 Zurich (LSZH) 02:20
354 Iberia A321 Venice (LIPZ) 02:20
358 Iberia A321 Naples (LIRN) 02:30
362 Iberia A321 Dusseldorf (EDDL) 02:30
366 Iberia A321 Gran Canaria (GCLP) 02:40
370 Iberia A321 Tenerife South (GCTS) 02:45
373 Iberia A321 La Palma (GCLA) 02:45
377 Iberia A321 Vienna (LOWW) 02:50
380 Iberia A321 Prague (LKPR) 02:50
384 Iberia A321 Copenhagen (EKCH) 03:00
388 Iberia A321 Oslo (ENGM) 03:30
392 Iberia A321 Stockholm (ESSA) 03:50
Terminal 4S
Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
501 Iberia A321 Casablanca (GMMN) 01:45
505 Iberia A333 London Heathrow (EGLL) 02:15 @EnriqueAllDay
510 British Airways A320 London Heathrow (EGLL) 02:20 @AndrewGraham
512 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin (EIDW) 02:30
516 Iberia A321 Dakar-Senegal (GOBD) 04:40
519 Iberia A333 Tel Aviv (LLBG) 04:40
522 Royal Jordanian B788 Amman (OJAI) 05:00
525 Qatar Airways B788 Doha (OTHH) 06:15
529 Etihad B78X Abu Dhabi (OMAA) 06:30
533 Emirates A380 Dubai (OMDB) 06:45
536 Iberia A333 Boston (KBOS) 07:40
537 Iberia A333 New York-JFK (KJFK) 08:00
539 Iberia A333 San Juan (TJSJ) 08:40
541 Iberia A333 Chicago-Ohare (KORD) 09:40
545 Iberia A333 Miami (KMIA) 10:00
549 Iberia A333 Panama City (MPTO) 10:45
553 Iberia A359 Bogota (SKBO) 10:45
556 American B789 Dallas (KDFW) 10:45
559 Iberia A359 Quito (SEQM) 10:50
565 LATAM B789 Sao Paulo-GRU (SBGR) 10:50
569 Iberia A333 San Jose (MROC) 11:00
573 Iberia A333 Guatemala (MGGT) 11:30
577 LATAM B789 Lima (SPJC) 11:30
580 Iberia A359 Buenos Aires (SAEZ) 12:00
582 Iberia A333 Los Angeles (KLAX) 12:10
583 Iberia A359 Santiago (SCEL) 13:30
Cargo Apron

For Cargo flights, feel free to choose aircraft, livery, and destination. Maximum 748

Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
Cargo Apron 145
Cargo Apron 147
Cargo Apron 151
Cargo Apron 153
Cargo Apron 155
Cargo Apron 157 Fedex 777F Liege (EBLG) 02:20 @centauridr
Cargo Apron 159 Fedex 777F Paris (LFPG) 01:15 @Abhijit_Sharma
Cargo Apron 161 Fedex MD-11F London Heathrow (EGLL) 02:15 @NathanPreuss
Remote Stand 51
Remote Stand 53
Remote Stand 57
Remote Stand 59
Remote Stand 61
Remote Stand 63
Remote Stand 67
Remote Stand 69

Runway in Use

North Flow: Departures 36L/36R, Arrivals 32L/32R
North Flow is confirmed as of now but subject to IFATC final discretion


Our VA friend, @AirBelgiumVA has kindly partnered us for this event. Special thanks to @Baba and his team for making this possible. Check out their thread for more information and do join them if you are interested ;)

In Conclusion

As this airport is featured in IFATC schedule, IFATC presence is guaranteed. Do signup and join us for our 1st anniversary celebration :)

Thank you and hope to see many of you there :)

Thank You

Disclaimer: IFGEP will not be responsible for any violations issued during the event. Please follow all instructions issued by controller. Should you receive any violations, please contact the controller directly via PM


Incheon Please! My home airport

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Hi @IFGlobalExpertPilots !
Unfortunately i’m organizing an event at the exact same date and time. So sadly i can’t join, would have liked to. Maybe another time ! ;)

(Here’s the link of my event this day, for those who are interested : 20FEB22 / 1400Z - The massive Geneva fly-out ! @ LSGG

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It’s pretty depressing to see IFGEP shut down :(. This was my first ever Virtual Organization. I remember when I first got accepted here, I could barely contain my excitement. It felt great to fly for IFGEP regardless of anything. Sadly, all good things must come to an end. I thank my involvement into Virtual Airlines/Organizations to IFGEP and I hope in the future IFGEP returns better than ever.


Update as of 03FEB22:

  • @Levi_Park you have been signed up for LEMD-RKSI Gate T11W. See you there ;)

  • We have @AirBelgiumVA joined us as partner for this event. Check out their thread above.

  • More cargo gates and more commercial gates have been added. If you plan to fly cargo, feel free to state your own livery, aircraft, and destination.

Sign up now and join the fun :D


We are glad!

See you there ! ;)

Deputy President
Air Belgium Virtual



Hi, can I request TO3 to Havana on the Air Europa B789?


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Update as of 06FEB22:

  • Thank you very much @Aiden_Hodges for signing up. Your gate has been reserved. See you there.

Aside to that, let’s get more signups everyone. This event is featured on the ATC schedule so you are guaranteed to get ATC for your departure. Hope to see you there.

Best Regards,
Anthony Morgan

It is just 9 days down to our final event, appreciate if we could get few more signups.
This airport is also featured on the IFATC schedule, it would be fun. Hope to see more of you there :)

Best Regards,
Anthony Morgan

Hello everyone. Hope you have enjoyed the 22.1 update so far.

Final call for those who haven’t signed up yet, event is in 5 days. What are we waiting for? Sign up now ;)

Best Regards,
Anthony Morgan

Could I get this one please?
Remote Stand 15|Aegean Airlines A320|Athens (LGAV)|03:20||


Remote Stand 40 Ryanair B738 Santiago-Spain (LEST)


17 February 2022 Update

  • Thank you @harrytzo for your signup. Your gate has been reserved. See you then
  • Thank you @Abhijit_Sharma for your signup. Your gate has been reserved. See you then

Signups are still open. It is just 4 days towards our event. Do signup now and enjoy the ATC service. Hope to see you there :))

Best Regards,
Anthony Morgan


Hi i will take this one


May I have this flight to my country, please. Should be MDSD tho.


Hello @HUMVEE and @RafaelPadilla thank you very much for your signup and support, see you there!

PS: I’m sorry @RafaelPadilla didn’t notice that mistake :(

Thank you and best regards,
Anthony Morgan

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Hey. I’d like to get a Cargo Gate in a FedEx MD-11F to Heathrow. (FedEx Virtual Chief Events Officer)


17FEB22 Update Part 2

  • Thank you very much @NathanPreuss for signup and support, your gate has been reserved at Cargo Apron 161. See you there ;)

  • Thank you very much @Adventures for signup and support, your gate has been reserved at Terminal 1, T05. See you there ;)

Anthony Morgan

Hey could I please have that flight?

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Can i please change and sign up for cargo gate?
Fedex B77F o LFPG

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