20FEB21 / 1900Z - A Hop to St Barts + Landing Competition @TJSJ - TFFJ

Welcome to the Carribean Island Hop!

Me, @GBKarp and @Ethan_Lee1 organized this event where we will make a C208 and TBM scenic flight through the Carribean, with a landing competition at the famous St. Barts.

The Carribean is a region of islands to the south-east of Florida. It is a very popular holiday destination due to its gorgeous islands and beautiful beaches. It’s also an amazing place to fly through, one of my favourite places. A total of 43 million people live in the Carribean in a total of 34 countries.

St Barthelemy’s Gustaf III Airport has recently been reworked by @Davide_DC (Thanks to you and the rest of the IFAET) so we put together this event to enjoy the route and the newly reworked airport.

About the scenic route and diffic- impossible approach

Today, we picked 2 of the Caribbean countries, Puerto Rico and Saint Barthelemy. We will be flying from the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan which has an international airport that is flown to by major airlines such as JetBlue. It is the biggest airport in the Carribean. But other than that it’s also the departure airport of the longest route to St Barts airport.

This route is normally operated by Tradewind Aviation.


St Barts is a small island in the eastern Carribean, with an EXTREME airport. There is a big hill right in front of the runway, requiring pilots to pitch down right before landing. This makes the final very difficult to execute.

The biggest plane to ever land there was a 777 by GabAir, which was piloted by @GBKarp. Unfortunately this was only in some flight sim (I wonder which), probably because 1- Gab doesn’t have a 777 in his backyard (he may, I never really asked), and 2- a 777 is literally half the length of the runway, so I have no idea how Gab did that in a Flight Sim.

Landing Competition

At the end of this flight we will have a little fun landing competition. You don’t have to participate, its just for some fun. It’s a great challenge to test your piloting abilities! What we will be looking at is:

  • IF-O Screenshot (It is a free app available on the AppStore and Google Play)
  • Make sure all passengers are ok.
  • A quick check on the landing gear to see if you touched the hill.
  • And make sure you land on the runway and stop by the end.
  • And also if you prefer Butter over Grease thats a bonus too. (not really but butter is better)

Yup, that’s it. As long as you land successfully, you are a great pilot anyways. Let’s see who the actual @butter_boi is.

Gustaf III Airport Charts


Event Information

Server: Expert

Aircraft: TBM930 or C208

Route: San Juan (TJSJ) to St Barthelemy (TFFJ)

Duration: ~1 hour

Day and Time: 2021-02-20T19:00:00Z (Saturday)


Gate Aircraft (Mention in reply) Pilot
D01 C208 @tunamkol
D02 TBM930 @GBKarp
D03 C208 @Captainflight
D04 C208/TBM930
D05 TBM930
D07 TBM930 @anon57312879
D08 TBM930 @Venezuelancap
D09 TBM930 @MJP_27
D10 TBM930 @Nightt
D11 C208 @Murilo_Heindrich
D12 TBM930 @Deathsix
D13 C208 @Pilot_Felix
D14 C208/TBM @CaptainAftab

A guide to San Juan

Although it is not directly related to our flight, it provides some great info about Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport.


  • Respect every pilot during the event.
  • Maintain special awareness when moving.
  • We are NOT responsible for any violations you may receive during
    this event.
  • IFATC may or may not be available for the event, if not use UNICOM correctly.
  • Copy flight plan from @tunamkol or @GBKarp once you have spawned.
  • A PM will be created 3 days prior to the event.
  • Have fun and enjoy the flight!

Thank you for checking out our event! Make sure to grab a gate!


I guess @Bren_McDonell was right, I’m not real. Back to my non-existence. 😛

Anyway, I’d like a C208 please! I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to come.


@tunamkol British hasnt flown to San Juan since maybe the 90s early 00s, maybe change it to JetBlue 😉 id like a gate however seems like a fun event! :)


@Butter_Boi lol 😂

Thanks for joining, we shall find out if you are the real butter boi :)

@Kevinsoto1502 oh yeah, seems like I got confused with Kingston on that bit.

Anyways, see you there!


Really wanted to join this event since I love flying GA aircrafts, but I’m sleeping because it’s on 02.00AM West Indonesia Time. Hope you guys have an enjoyable event! :)

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Thanks! Sorry for that, we can’t really find a time that suits everyone :(


Please sign me up with a TBM!

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Sure! Thanks for joining!


Fun event :) Sign me up for a gate with a TBM please :)

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TBM it is! See you there!

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We already got plenty of people, this will be a lotta fun!


Lets get some more signups!

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Can I get this one TBM-930 callsign:YA-BOI also when do you want us to spawn in? 15min before?

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As long as you are ready to push at 19Z, anytime works.

Thanks for joining and see you there!

PS: Love the callsign lol


Can I please get a gate with the TBM please

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Absolutely! I will see you there!


Thank you very much!

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Your welcome! Thanks for joining :)


Lets get those gates at St Barts filled :)

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