20FEB21 / 12:00Z - The Capital Flyout @EGLL

The Capital Flyout @EGLL 🇬🇧

Welcome everyone to my first event!
Join me and my friend @ybtl.aviation as we fly out of London’s busiest airport too far and exotic destinations.

Some of these routes are stretching the limits of the aircraft, so it would be recommended to look at sources such as windy.com to check wind speeds. But keep in mind we have tested these routes so you should be fine unless there are ridiculous headwinds present.

Server: Expert
Time: 12:00Z
Airport: EGLL
Date: 20th February

Please spawn in 10 minutes before the event at your assigned gate

Terminal 3
Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Aircraft User
329 YSSY 18:45 Qantas B787-9 @
331 YPPH 15:50 Qantas B787-9 @
335 YPPH 15:50 British Airways B777-200ER @
342 NZAA 20:05 British Airways B777-200ER @
340 YPAD 17:55 Qantas B787-9 @
336 CYYZ 06:25 Air Canada B777-200LR @
334 CYYZ 06:25 British Airways B777-200ER @
332 CYWG 07:10 Air Canada B777-200LR @
330 CYVR 08:30 Air Canada B777-300ER @
328 CYVR 08:30 Air New Zealand B777-300ER @
326 KLAX 09:45 Air New Zealand B777-300ER @
327 CYUL 06:00 Air Canada B787-9 @
325 CYUL 06:00 British Airways B787-10 @

more gates and desinations can be added if there is high demand

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.
If you want to join just request a gate number and it will be reserved for you


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6 days until the event!

Hi, could I get a gate for a flight to ESSA?

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Sure! Can you fly a British Airways B777-200ER?

Yeah I could do

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Ok I will assign you a route and aircraft

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thank you :)

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Hi. Can I take a Kuwait Airways 777 to OKBK

Can you fly British Airways 777?

Yes. Can…

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Hi, could you say which gate I have to take for my flight to ESSA?

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You will have gate 320.

You I’ll have Gate 318

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3 Hours until the event! You can add a specific route if you like!

can i do egll to eddf ??? ryanair gate 330
greetings mitch:)

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Can you depart from Gate 364?

yes thats okay

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is there no stand free at terminal 3??

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