20FEB21 / 0700Z - Adios New York, Hello Seoul! @ KJFK - RKSI (Both Cargo and Commercial flights)

Summary: Come and join as I fly from Queens, New York to Seoul Incheon, South Korea. The flight is approximately 15-16 hours. The recommended aircraft is the Asiana Airbus A350-900. Other options include the Asiana Boeing 777-200ER. If interested in doing cargo, DHL, Southern air, UPS, and TNT all fly to South Korea. Cargo Liveries are DHL Boeing 777F, Southern Air 777F, Fedex 777F, and TNT 777F

Server: Expert

Airport: KJFK-RKSI

Time: 2021-02-20T07:00:00Z2021-02-20T23:00:00Z



ATC: According to ATC Sched, atc will most likely not be present

Commercial Pilots Attending

Gates—Airline & Aircraft—Pilot—Callsign

Terminal 1 Gate 01— Asiana A359— @Marquatzi— Asiana 127
Terminal 1 Gate 02—Asiana B772— @Udeme_Ekpo
Terminal 1 Gate 03—Asiana A359— @United749— Asiana 129
Terminal 1 Gate 04—Asiana 772— @Abu
Terminal 1 Gate 05—Asiana 772— @Dream_Chaser
Terminal 1 Gate 06—
Terminal 1 Gate 07—
Terminal 1 Gate 08—
Terminal 1 Gate 10—
Terminal 1 Gate 11—

Overflow Gates
Hardstand 83—
Hardstand 85—
Hardstand 86—
Hardstand 87—
Hardstand 88W—
Hardstand 88E—
Hardstand 89W—
Hardstand 89E—
Hardstand 90—
Hardstand 91—
Hardstand 92—
Hardstand 93—
Hardstand 94—
Hardstand 95—

Cargo Pilots Attending


Cargo Apron B01—
Cargo Apron B02—
Cargo Apron B03—
Cargo Apron B04—
Cargo Apron B05—
Cargo Apron B06—
Cargo Apron B07—
Cargo Apron B08—

Flight Info

  • Initial Cruise is FL320, Final Cruise will be FL360

  • Pushback will start 2 Minutes prior to departure

  • Takeoff will most likely be from 31L or 4L

  • Landing RWY will likely be 06

  • 180 knots until FL050, 220 knots until FL100, 280 knots until FL250, Mach 0.85 at cruise.

  • Copy FPL from me @Marquatzi

I am not responsible for any violations received during the duration of this flight. If you wish to sign up, please include the Gate, Airline, and Aircraft


This should be in #live:groupflights

This is a cool event, I will take this route at this gate on the Asiana B772

Hi, Actually it shouldn’t. Those tags should only be used when your flight is 3 hours from the current time. There is also no assigning of gates.


Awesome, thanks for signing up!.

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Hey, forgot to ask if you would like to join the event?

Hi. I’m joining with Boeing 777-300ER

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Anybody else want to join? The event will start in less than 2 days. Sign up now!

Thanks for signing up!

Also welcome to the community.

Asiana B772
Gate 5 terminal 1

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Thanks for signing up, ill add you to the group

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