20DEC22 | Hub Hopping With United Airlines (Day 1)

United Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the U.S, and operates a very diverse fleet of Boeing Airbus aircraft! With its hubs in strategic locations within the country, I thought it’d be a good idea for pilots to hub hop to and from each city United operates in and out of, and see the natural wonders as they fly!

For those who plan to participate in this event, here is the route you will take to complete this event:

Newark (KEWR) → Washington (KIAD) → Chicago (KORD) → Houston (KIAH) → Denver (KDEN) → Los Angeles (KLAX) → San Francisco (KSFO)

The 1st day of this flight cycle will be this route:

Newark (KEWR) → Washington (KIAD)
Pilot Departure Gate Arrival Gate
@Aviation_Jerry C70 C1
@Anthony_Stafford C71 C2
@Alaska_321 C72 C3
@Jayden_Castillo C73 C4
C74 C5
C75 C6
C80 C7
C81 C8
C82 C9
C83 C10
C84 C11
C85 C12
C86 C14
C87 C15
C90 C16
C91 C17
C92 C18
C93 C19
C94 C20
C95 C21
C96 C22
C97 C23
C98 C24
C99 C25
C101A C26
C102A C27
C103A C28
C103B C29
C104A C30
C104B D1
C106A D2
C107A D3
C107B D4
C108A D5
C108B D6
C109A D7
C110A D8
C110B D9
C111A D10
C112A D11
C112B D12
C113A D14
C113B D15
C114A D16
C114B D17
C115A D18
C115B D19
C120 D20
C121 D21
C122 D22
C123 D23
C124 D24
C125 D25
C126 D26
C127 D27
C128 D28
C130 D29
C131 D30
C131 D32

Due to the distance and flight time of this route, only these aircraft are to be used:

  • CRJ2
  • CRJ7
  • E170
  • A320
  • B737
  • B738
  • B739
  • B752

KEWR Ground:
KEWR Tower:
KEWR Approach:
KEWR Departure:
New York Center:

KIAD Ground:
KIAD Tower:
KIAD Approach:
KIAD Departure:
Washington Center:

United Airlines Logo
Can I fly to EVERY United Airlines Hub in ONE day?
Newark Liberty Airport EWR Terminal C Map
Washington Dulles Airport IAD Concourse C Map
Washington Dulles Airport IAD Concourse D Map


May I be the first one to join United E175 please:)

Yep, I’ll put you in. Thanks for joining!

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Thank you @parin365 im excited for this event

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Sounds great, put me down for any gate. Will probably use the 739👍

Yep, I’ll put you in. Thanks for joining!

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Put me down for the gate next to the Last person who signed up! United b739

I’ll do that right now. Thanks for joining!

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Hey I might Join late Due to school but I will give you a message if I can’t join but if I could I will take 739 United and when does this end

This is just day 1 of the cycle which ends respectively to each pilot when they’ve reached their gate. But I’ll put you for the next available gate!

Ok sounds good

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