20DEC21 / 1330Z - A Disney Resort & Spa @ KMCO to PHNL

Hello Travelers! Welcome to another group flight i have planned! Keep in mind this is a long haul across the U.S.

Departure Airport
Orlando Airport is located in Orlando, Florida and is known as DisneyWorld Airport!
Orlando has 2 Terminals A and B, to get to your concourse you must take the airport sky tram! Orlando Airport has Disney Magical Express to get you from the airport to your hotel!

Our aircraft will be a 767-300 Hawaiian Airlines! Hawaiian Airlines has a small fleet unfortunately. There fleet begins with the 717-200, A321-200Neo, A330, 777 and the 767-300 of course!
Our arrival airport today will be Honolulu International also known as Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Hawaii does have a Disney hotel! Very very expensive though

Our route will be KMCO-PHNL
Hawaiian Airlines uses Terminal A at Orlando!

When will the flight be you may ask?
Flight will be 12/20/21 (December 20th, 2021)
Please spawn in at 05:30PST
Flight time should be about 10-11 hours across the USA

Aircraft and Livery
Hawaiian Airlines

Extra Information
**Server will be Expert
Please spawn 20 Minutes prior to departure
If you would like to create your own Flight Plan i recommend using:

If you have any additional suggestions please PM me!
Thanks everyone hope to see you soon!

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I’ll be down

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Okay got you written down!

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