20DEC20 / 2000Z - Welcome to the North Pole! @ PAFA [DEPARTED]

@Errigal North Pole has a very small gravel airstrip near the town called Wrights Airfield. They also have another larger airstrip but is outside the city limits and not in Infinite Flight

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Cool. Seems a bit near Fairbanks.

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Yes it is close

Let’s get some more signups!

Fun Fact: Fairbanks averages 65" of snow annually

this gate please.

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@DeltaFox you are signed up!

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2 Weeks until the event!

@KSS As much as I really want to fly this event, I realized I won’t be able to come. Sorry about that :(

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@Cooper_Marcukaitis all good man

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1 week until the event!


Can I get the one to ORD please

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Can I have this gate

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@zion89 you are signed up! Where would you like your destination to be?

@Evan_Vlogs you are signed up!

Memphis @KSS

You’re all set!

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3 days until departure!
Get your gates now!

Can i Take this gate to CYZF l Yellowknife but Can i switch from 777F to DC10F?

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@GameBoy_KIRB you are signed up

Last call for signups! Event is today!

Sorry @KSS I have to do some things with mom for setting up for Christmas stuff. My mon put up a lot of stuff so it will a long time.