20DEC20 / 1630Z - Paro Int'l Airport Competition @ VQPR

Hey guys. For today Kathmandu Tribhuvan Int’l Airport is featured. So I thought, let’s open Paro Int’l Airport, since this one isn’t controlled that much! After already active controlling for at least 1 hour… I saw so many (failed) landing attempts at RWY 15. As I am quite a LAZY person in real life I just took the post of our oldest member @Maxmustang

MaxSez: This Route is for those that dare. Select your aircraft of Choice wisely. No AutoLand Pls, that’s for the kiddies. Hands on Approach Only

Approach and landing in Paro, Bhutan, runway 15; This approach is one of the most challenging in the world (in the top10) and probably the most dangerous for planes the size of the A319 and 737-700and those of lesser Gross weight. The Approach Profile of 3deg is steep/turning/mountain cross compartment and includes a descending profile from FL160 x FL070. I flew a Kathmandu, Nepal (VNLT) Para,Bhutan (VQPR) route yesterday in a Dash-8. The route traverses from the lower Himalaya plateau to the higher elevations. Scenic snowcapped mountains ranging to or above FL 200+ will Be encountered along this route. (Beware: I noted an XCub & Van on this route flying cross compartment yesterday out of there element, they disappeared from radar quickly).

Good luck on this one for those that dare!


I already got my good landing thanks for the control friend although I wanted to make the drop to take the head of the 15 but thank you

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