20AUG20 / 1300Z - Amsterdam to Singapore @ EHAM - WSSS

Aircraft and Livery: B777-200ER KLM


Time of Departure: 1300Z

Server: Training

Join me flying Amsterdam to Singapore on the amazing B777 KLM livery as we fly over multiple countries. The flight time is around 11:40 hours and we will depart from runway 18L using the ARNE3E Departure and arriving on runway 20C at Changi Airport. We will start with an initial cruise altitude of 33000ft.

Call sign: KL835

Spawn at any gate on Pier E

Cruise speed: Mach 0.84

Bring minimum of 100000kg of fuel

Hi @Jaeden01, your title formatting isn’t quite right.

It should be:

20AUG20 / 1300Z - Amsterdam to Singapore @ EHAM - WSSS

Cheers :)

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