20APR24: The Amsterdam Flyout

Different I guess.
Not to America.
I’ll take this!

@deltaoutofdca Roger

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Can I have H2 but going to London stansted please

@Ben_Walsh absolutely

May I switch to F6 please?

@AmericanB772 ofc

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Hello can i get this gate please?

@RhendyAvGeek ofc! Amazing choice

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may I have this flight?

@bleu absolutely!

Can i get this one?

@Oskwch ofc!

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This but BA A320 to Heathrow

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@Butter575 amazing choice

I’m sorry but I can no longer join, I hope y’all have a great event though!

No problem, I’ll remove you

Can I have mine changed to A35 to cork in the tiny E175

@Ben_Walsh certainly

Is there a gate to Manchester. If so can I have it with the B739 please

Absolutely? And I assume KLM for the airline

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