20APR24: The Amsterdam Flyout DEPARTED

Welcome to my newest event, and my first European event of 2024 in the stunning Dutch capital of Amsterdam 🇳🇱! The city sits just over 2 meters below making it only 1 of 2 capital cities that have this unique characteristic, the other one being Baku Azerbaijan 🇦🇿. It’s known as the biking capital of the world, having almost 900,000 bikes 🚲, more than 4 times the amount of cars 🚗. The city is known for its amazing museums for arts 🎨 and culture that span its entire 800 year history! Join me in mid April for this verbazend Amazing in Dutch 😉 flyout!

Event Info
Airport: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport EHAM
Time: 1700z, 11am MST
Date: Saturday, April 20th, 2024
Server: Expert Server

Pier B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
B15 Lufthansa A320 Munich @Lufthansa1
B16 Austrian A321 Vienna
B17 Lufthansa A320 Frankfurt
B20 Swiss A321 Zurich @Mateo_Brennink
B23 Air Baltic A220 Riga
B24 TAROM A318 Bucharest
B27 Air Baltic A220 Vilnius
B28 Aer Lingus A320 Dublin @delta101
B31 Air Baltic A220 Tallinn
B32 TUI B738 Gran Canaria
B35 KLM E190 Stockholm
B36 KLM E190 Nantes
Pier C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
C5 Vueling A320 Valencia
C6 British Airways A321 London Gatwick
C7 Air France A220 Paris
C8 British Airways A320 London Heathrow
C9 Vueling A320 Malaga
C10 British Airways E190 London City
C11 SAS A320 Copenhagen
C12 Vueling A320 Barcelona
C13 TAP A319 Lisbon
C14 Transavia B738 Ibiza
C15 Transavia B738 Funchal @YAWspeed
C16 Transavia B738 Innsbruck
C18 Transavia B738 Thessaloniki
Pier D
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D2 Air Europa B789 Madrid @Prestoni
D3 KLM A333 Oranjestad
D4 KLM B78X San Francisco
D5 KLM B739 Manchester
D7 KLM B772 Shanghai @RhendyAvGeek
D10 KLM MD-11 Dubai @Topgottem
D12 KLM B739 Oslo
D14 KLM B739 Madrid @Aldi-2015
D16 KLM B737 Bergen
D18 KLM B739 Lisbon
D22 KLM B737 Milan Linate
D23 KLM B737 Toulouse
D24 British Airways A320 London Heathrow
D25 KLM B737 Glasgow
D26 Croatia Airlines A319 Zagreb
D27 Air Arabia A320 Tangier
D28 KLM B737 Lyon
D29 KLM B739 Copenhagen
D31 KLM B739 Rome
D41 KLM B737 Munich
D43 Delta A350 Detroit @CedricFlys
D44 Royal Air Maroc B738 Casablanca
D47 KLM B772 Calgary
D48 KLM B737 Bergen
D49 KLM B789 Minneapolis @Mort
D51 KLM B739 Gothenburg
D52 KLM B739 Munich
D53 Delta A333 Orlando
D54 Transavia B738 Riga
D55 JetBlue A321 New York @FlyWithDanilo
D56 Transavia B738 Larnaca @RagonDragon
D57 KLM B78X Bogota
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
E2 Etihad B77W Abu Dhabi @Oskwch
E3 Emirates Dubai A380 @Ben_Walsh
E4 Icelandair Keflavik B757 @Sybe
E5 Delta A333 Seattle @Ryan_15
E6 Kenya Airways B788 Nairobi @Laptop
E7 Emirates Dubai B77W @Takunda
E8 Aeromexico B789 Mexico City @bleu
E9 Delta A339 Salt Lake City @Wonderousbuilder641
E17 KLM B789 Salt Lake City @PhorzaSky
E18 KLM A333 Riyadh
E19 Delta A339 Minneapolis @IF.Kaden
E20 Delta A339 Boston @American367
E22 KLM B78X Chicago @Dimitrios_TA
E24 Korean A380 Seoul Incheon @Apple_Haye
Pier F
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
F3 KLM B772 Boston
F4 China Airlines A350 Taipei
F5 KLM B789 Las Vegas @Muhammedj14
F6 Qatar Airways B77W Doha @Captain_Tom
F7 KLM B77W Lima @anon87523340
F8 KLM A333 Saint Maarten @Clement_Noel
F9 KLM B789 Buenos Aires @YT_Sniegutizzz
Pier G
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
G2 TUI B738 Dakar
G3 American B788 Philadelphia
G4 Air Canada B788 Toronto @rulizalhafizh
G5 American Dallas B77W
G6 Singapore Airlines A350 Singapore
G7 Saudia B77W Jeddah
G8 United B772 Newark
G9 United B772 San Fransisco @United403
Pier H
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
H1 Easyjet A320 Berlin
H2 Easyjet A320 London Stansted
H3 Easyjet A319 London Gatwick
H4 Easyjet A320 Hurghada
H5 Easyjet A320 Tenerife
H6 Ryanair B738 Malaga
H7 Ryanair B738 Dublin
Remote Apron A
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
A31 KLM E190 Nice @Crunchymonkey12345
A32 KLM E190 Marseille
A33 KLM E190 London City @MANDELA
A34 KLM E190 Edinburgh
A35 KLM E175 Cork
A41 KLM E175 Brussels
A42 KLM E190 Inverness
A43 KLM E190 Aalborg
A44 KLM E175 Hannover
A45 KLM E190 Bologna
A46 KLM E190 Prague
A51 KLM E190 Bristol
A52 KLM E175 Genoa
A53 KLM E175 Wroclaw
A54 KLM E175 Stuttgart
A55 KLM E190 Hamburg
A61 KLM E175 Dresden
A62 KLM E190 Porto
A63 KLM E190 Alicante
A64 KLM E190 Split
A65 KLM E190 Gdansk
A71 KLM E175 Budapest
A72 KLM E190 Florence
A73 KLM E190 Bilbao
A74 KLM E175 Bordeaux
A75 KLM E190 Venice
Remote Apron D + E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
D88 Transavia B738 Seville
D90 Transavia B738 Gran Canaria
D92 Transavia B738 Porto
D93 Transavia B738 Keflavik
D94 Transavia B738 Dubai
D95 Transavia B738 Marrakesh
E72 Transavia B738 Innsbruck
E75 Transavia B738 Catania
E77 Transavia B738 Bari
Cargo Apron S
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination User
S64 Atlas Air B748 Miami @MatsVerhoelst
S65 Atlas Air B744 Chicago @Random_avatitor
S66 Atlas Air B748 Seoul
S67 Emirates SkyCargo B77F Madrid @MPH258
S68 China Southern Cargo B77F Guangzhou @Ka77a51umAviation
S69 China Cargo B77F Shanghai
S72 Silk Way B748 Baku
S74 Emirates SkyCargo Zaragoza
S77 Cargolux B748 Milan Malpensa
S79 Nippon Cargo B748 Milan Malpensa @AnotherPilot77
S82 Turkish Cargo B77F Istanbul @Issa_Gaye
S84 Emirates SkyCargo B77F Dubai World Central
S87 Cargolux B748 Luxembourg
S90 Qatar Cargo B77F Budapest
S92 Etihad Cargo B77F Abu Dhabi
S94 Qatar Cargo B77F Doha
S96 Qatar Cargo B77F Chicago Rockford

Frequency User
ATIS @Kaltsit
Ground @Kaltsit
Tower @Kaltsit

  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • I am not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Respect all other attendees
  • Have Fun
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Huge thanks to @MANDELA for making the banners and gate assignments!!


Oh baby Amsterdam!! I was thinking about making Paris!

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You know what route to give me

Lemme think 🤔
Bison airways Delta to bisontopia Portland

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Exactly right

Roger that

This por favor

Roger that

To SEA please

I shall be calming this

@Topgottem @Ryan_15
Coming right up

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I’ll take this one please!

coming right up

You already know what KLM flight I want 😏

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@PhorzaSky I actually don’t 💀
please do enlighten me

Salt Lake City

@United403 Even I knew that

@PhorzaSky 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

I’ll take this, but I’ll join @PhorzaSky to SLC in the Delta A330-900 !

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@AF-KLM_VA You better watch this 👀